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Dear traders, we are a platform, which makes your trade safe. We lists trusted providers, which can guarantee a great profit for you. For more details contact @andreassschmidt 😌🔥
Don’t trade with scammers, earn with traders - safetrading
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Today I’m gonna tell you about our big and well known scammer - PALM BEACH VIP

You know, we should say those guys “thank you”.

Why? was made after I was scammed by those guys.

Yes-yes, I was scammed 😂😂

Some years ago I was a usual trader with middle experience in cryptocurrency and...

They told me if I bought a yearly subscription I would earn a lot of money, because their signals are SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE 😢

And then I lost 70% of my investments and money for subscription as well 👍🏼

That’s why I decided to make a platform, where people can find trusted providers 😉😉

This is not our channel!

If you receive any message from the admin of this channel, ignore it.
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Hey guys

We talked about scammers in crypto. And we help to get those scammers all to make it a good place. This needs a lot of work.
Andreas Schmidt is writing an article for coindesk about all the scammers. If you suffered something or have a story to tell, please write him. This would help to make crypto safer!
Telegram: @andreassschmidt
He is the admin from:
Good afternoon!

The market situation is very unpredictable right now.

That is why a lot of scam channel will try to fool you.

Please, don’t use unknown “listing platforms” to find crypto providers.

Be aware and save your money 💰
Don’t know which provider to choose?

Safetrading is ready to help you 🥳

1. Crypto Classics - those guys have more than 15 years of trading experience 🤯

2. Infocrypto - one of the most experienced provider we have + they have a very convenient bot!

3. Bob’s Crypto Trades - one of the best providers for day trading 💰

4. Fat Pig Signals - they will provide you a complex of Binance and BitMEX signals!

5. Onward BTC - and this provider is going to make you a master of day trading with BitMEX signals!

For more details contact please @andreassschmidt
Be attentive❗️❗️❗️

With your help we are on the way of destroying all of those scam channels and we appreciate it.
Let’s start complaining on other scam channels?
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We can choose the channels together and start doing something to prevent other people’s stress and money-losing!
And I will remind you the most popular scam channels!


Below we are presenting all the SCAM channels we have on our platform. We collected this info more than 6 months. Here is all the channels who didn’t answer, didn’t give an access to the paid channel and so on 👌🔥 Also we have some feedbacks of users who were scammed. Some of them renamed their channels 😒Also there are some channels with one admin.
Of course we did a lot of research on the Internet, and we found a lot of info they are scammers.

So please repost this message where you can, tell all your friends who trade crypto, that those channels are SCAM 😒❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

CryptoDon Signals
Blackstone Signals
Palm Beach
Artem‘ Signals VIP Trading Group
Crypto VIP Signal
USC Group
Crypto Choe’s Trade Signals
All In One Crypto App
Altcoins trading signals
Asian Whales
Beets to Freedom
Bitmex & Binance Signals
Coin Trading Signal
Crypto Crew University
Crypto Pump Island
Crypto Signals
Crypto Trading Signals
Crypto Treasure
Crypto365 Signals
Cryptokings guide
Cryptoz Coach
Dynamic VIP Records
Free Bitmex Alerts & Trade Copier
Hall&Co Trading
Palm Beach Research Group
Premium Digi King
PumpKings Community
Pure Investments
Solid Profit TRADING
Tele Signals
Tethos Crypto Analysis
Tina Carter
Trading Coin Coach
VIP Coin Beacon
VIP Moon Signals
Coin Pump Crew
Crypto Kirby

We do care about our users and this was the main goal of posting this.

If you have any proofs they are not SCAM, or you have any other channel to add 😈 to this list - write here @andreassschmidt 👌🔥💥
SAFETRADING NEWS pinned «Let’s start complaining on other scam channels?»
Hello guys 🤯

We need your help ❗️❗️❗️

Safetrading is looking for the person who can help us to develop our Telegram channel and Twitter 🥳

We will be very glad to discuss this question 💰

Have a good day!
Hello guys, I want to remind you our main sections ❗️
We have exciting news for you 🥳🥳

You are able to leave reviews on different crypto traders, bots and wallets ❗️

If you have something to share, we will really appreciate to hear your opinion 👍🏼

So go and share!
Dear traders,

I am very angry now.

Do you know why?

Because the admin of Crypto Pump Island made the fake website page and attracts users showing that they are TOP 1 on our platform.

Please, don’t believe him and work only with trusted and approved channels.

Thank you and have a good day!
Forwarded from CryptoVirus 🦠
Forwarded from CryptoVirus 🦠
Hello guys.

The day supposed to be very good until I saw this.

I don’t want to know who did this, I don’t want to know why, really.

It is just disgusting. When you create something for a long time, and then someone just copy you.

I just want you to know:

@cryptovirustrading is not our channel. If someone asks you for money and invites to this channel, it doesn’t connect with us.

Thank you for understanding 🙏🏻🙏🏻

@crypto_virus_admin is the only admin!

Also, if you have time, could you please report this channel? You can use “Copyright”.