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New Impulse Wave for Cardano? Analyst Michaël van de Poppe Outlines Path Ahead for Third-Largest Crypto Asset

Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe is analyzing Cardano’s path forward in the wake of Bitcoin rallying to a new 90-day high above $55,000.

In a new strategy session, Van de Poppe highlights the potential entry points for Cardano on the USD chart and says he believes the crypto asset is close to a bottom.

 “If you want to buy Cardano at this point, I think you want to be looking at anywhere in this range here, aggressive in the area around $2.45. And also if we dip towards $1.75, that’s an entry point.”

Cardano is trading at $2.27 at time of writing, per CoinGecko.
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Closed deal FTM/USDT
Open: $0.26867, 06.08.2021
Close: $1.3955, 08.09.2021
Profit: +419.41%
Duration: 33 days

What Is FTM?

Fantom is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) smart contract platform providing decentralized finance (DeFi) services to developers using its own bespoke consensus algorithm.Together with its in-house token FTM, Fantom aims to solve problems associated with smart-contract platforms, specifically transaction speed, which developers say they have reduced to under two seconds.The Fantom Foundation, which oversees the Fantom product offering, was originally created in 2018, with the launch of OPERA, Fantom’s mainnet, coming in December 2019.

The platform’s compatibility with Ethereum means that users can purchase an ERC-20 standard FTM, which is automatically converted to native FTM once received to their wallet. Another version of FTM is available on Binance Chain using its BEP2 standard. Only the native FTM can be used on the Fantom OPERA mainnet itself.

Fantom attempts to use a new scratch-built consensus mechanism to facilitate DeFi and related services on the basis of smart contracts.
The mechanism, Lachesis, promises much higher capacity and two-second transaction finalization, along with improvements to security over traditional PoS algorithm-based platforms.
Matching Ethereum, the project appeals to developers looking to deploy decentralized solutions. According to its official literature, its mission is to “grant compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world.”
Its in-house PoS token, FTM, forms the backbone of transactions, and allows fee collection and staking activities, along with the user rewards the latter represents.

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CEX.IO Exchange has reduced the fees for withdrawal to Visa cards to 2.5%

Currently, this is the lowest commission for withdrawal to Visa cards among all cryptocurrency exchanges. This promotion will not last long, so hurry to take advantage of this opportunity and register right now!
Coinbase Launches Support for New Crypto Assets on Retail Trading Platform

Coinbase is adding two altcoins built on Ethereum to its ever-expanding suite of crypto assets.

After initially only being available on Coinbase Pro, ARPA Chain (ARPA) and Perpetual Protocol (PERP) are now open for trading on the company’s main retail trading platform and mobile applications.

 ARPA is the token that powers ARPA Chain, a blockchain-based computation network that features data storage, smart contracts that preserve privacy, and scalable off-chain transactions that can be used to counter credit fraud and secure data wallets.

Other use cases include precision marketing, joint AI model training, and key management systems.
Analyst Predicts Bitcoin’s New Low Won’t Be Less Than $50K – Here’s Why?

Analysts have made valiant attempts to forecast bitcoin’s potential highs amid the bull run but few have suggested a possible bottom when it all comes to an end. Justin Bennett cites $50,000 as a possible low when the bears kick in.

A Closer Look At The ChartsJustin Bennett, an analyst at Cryptoacademy has published a detailed analysis of Bitcoin’s recent price behavior. Dubbed “Charting Bitcoin’s Next Five Years”, Bennett’s writings come on the heels of Bitcoin setting a new all-time high of $66,930 and the mounting institutional interest it has garnered over the last week through several Bitcoin ETF launches.

BTCUSD Chart By TradingViewBennett and other analysts note that the charts are similar to the 2013 charts and from there, a reasonable hypothesis can be made for future prices. “A look at the 2.272 and 2.414 Fibonacci extensions from the last two cycles shows a target area that was reached both times. If we apply that same area to the current rant, we get an end of cycle target for Bitcoin between $207,000 and $270,000,” he said.

He adds that paying careful attention to the monthly RSI and a “double top pattern each cycle” are potential ways for investors to time the top of the bull market. His predictions of Bitcoin exceeding $100K in this run hinges on several other similar predictions. Analysts from Bloomberg Intelligence and British Bank Standard Chartered have predicted that Bitcoin is well on its way to exceeding the $100,000 mark.
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New Order Partners With Outlier Ventures’ Web 3.0 Accelerator to Launch ‘MetaFi’ Apps

The New Order Foundation and Outlier Ventures are betting on the rise of a new generation of decentralized finance apps they’ve termed “MetaFi” that play nicely with the convergence of digital and physical worlds, otherwise known as the “metaverse”. 

New Order is a novel, permissionless, and community-driven DAO incubator and it sees big potential in the idea of multi-chain-based, machine intelligent DeFi apps that can plug into the metaverse. It’s an idea that’s not without merit – after all, we have already seen NFTs used as collateral to take out multi-million dollar loans. New Order reckons innovators have a lot of ideas already on the table in terms of MetaFi, and its goal is to help foster their development and ensure the best ones succeed. 
Gold Bug Peter Schiff Claims Bitcoin’s Yearly Gain of 60% Was Achieved in First 5 Weeks of the Year

Gold bug Peter Schiff has claimed that though bitcoin went up by 60% during the past twelve months, most of these gains were achieved during the first five weeks of the year in 2021. He insists that the majority of those that bought the asset in 2021 have not gained.

Bitcoin Gains Higher Than Those of GoldWith the calendar year ending and bitcoin up more than 60% since last January, one of the crypto asset’s chief critics, Peter Schiff, has claimed in a tweet that this gain was only achieved in the first five weeks of 2021. Schiff argues that the majority of people who bought the digital asset in 2021 have not gained.

Indeed, after starting 2021 trading at just above $29,300, the price of bitcoin — as shown by data — more than doubled and was trading just above $63,500 by mid-April. This is in contrast to Schiff’s gold which started the year trading at around $1,900 per ounce but had dropped to $1,730 at around the same time.
FTX Is Now One of the Biggest Trading Platforms Out There

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX is one of the newest digital currency platforms out there, but its size, scope, and popularity just keep growing. It’s been announced that the exchange now bears a valuation exceeding $32 billion at the time of writing thanks to a new funding round that occurred earlier in the week, suggesting investors continue to pour their money into this industry despite the regular price dips we’ve been witnessing.

FTX Is Headed to the Top of the LadderBased in the Bahamas, FTX has only been around since 2019, yet the funding round it completed on Monday saw the company raise a whopping $400 million through a Series C funding round. This was the company’s third official fundraiser in less than a year. The exchange is popular for offering tools like spot trading, and it has since become one of the globe’s largest digital trading platforms for crypto fans.

At press time, FTX does not offer trading services to customers in the United States. However, it boasts a subsidiary known as FTX U.S. that traders from America can utilize to buy, sell, and hold crypto. The latest fundraiser saw several institutional investors hopping aboard including Temasek from Singapore.
Analyst Who Called 2021 Bitcoin Collapse Maps Out Path Ahead for Top Cryptocurrency

The crypto analyst who called Bitcoin’s collapse in May 2021 unveils the potential path for BTC to reach the six-figure mark this year.

The pseudonymous analyst known as Dave the Wave tells his 94,000 Twitter followers that Bitcoin is still on track to surpass $100,000 this year – but there’s a catch.

“One for the bulls. Aligning the micro with the macro. $100,000 within striking distance this year…”
Star Chain (STAR1) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Apr. 6, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed Star Chain (STAR1) on April 6, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the STAR(1)/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading.

K-POP has been trending and widely recognized as a genre of music that is popular around the world in recent years. Audition programs play an important role in bringing new stars to the K-POP market, however, there are many issues existing in these programs, such as unfair and biased judgments. To address these issues, Shinlee Entertainment created a Cover Star platform, utilizing cryptocurrency based on the blockchain called Star Chain (STAR1) to improve the shortcomings of the existing audition platform market, and form a platform optimized for talent discovery through objective, transparent and fair evaluation. The STAR token has been listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 6, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.
Algorand (ALGO) Founder Makes 10-Year Prediction On Crypto Markets: Report

The founder of Ethereum challenger Algorand (ALGO) says that crypto assets with one key feature will survive into the next decade as blockchains become mainstream tools used by traditional financial institutions.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Silvio Micali, a professor of computer science and cryptography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), says that digital assets with low transaction costs will survive into the future.
Coinweb is one of the most promising projects

Now the price of CWEB token on exchanges and Kucoin grows against the market. The project is the killer of DOT and similar services. Now its price is only $0.02, although at the start of trading a few months ago it was worth more than $0.2. Analysts agree that the token could be worth more than $0.5 by the fall, and will reach $1 in 2023.
Imminent Moves to the Upside Likely for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana, According to Top Analyst – Here Are His Targets

A widely-followed crypto strategist and trader is predicting what’s ahead for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Solana in the next few days.

Michaël van de Poppe tells his 605,700 Twitter followers that Bitcoin may once again bounce off a key support level and reclaim the psychological level of $30,000 before the month of May expires.

“Please, sir, Bitcoin.” 

Source: Van de Poppe/TwitterAt time of writing, Bitcoin is changing hands for $29,301, up a little over 1% in the last 24 hours.

Next up is leading smart contract platform Ethereum. Van de Poppe says that ETH must take out its immediate resistance at $1,900 to ignite a short-term rally to $2,250.
Bitcoin Gives ‘Encouraging Signals’ As Cyclic Indicators Show BTC Is Close To A Bottom

Bitcoin appears to be close to a bottom as revealed by the majority of cyclic indicators including but not limited to Bitcoin’s MVRV Ratio, SOPR Ratio, and Realized Cap-UTXO Age Bands. Data from these indicators reveal a historical pattern that has several times preceded a surging uptrend.

Bitcoin’s MVRV Ratio has a value of 0.9, indicating a price bottomAccording to charts from crypto analytics platform, CryptoQuant, the majority of these indicators suggest that Bitcoin is currently undervalued, signaling an imminent rally. The considerable amount of unrealized loss in the bitcoin market also points to the reality that the asset is close to the bottom.

The Bitcoin Puell Multiple – the proportion of the daily issuance of Bitcoin to the annual average – is somewhere around the value of 0.4, indicating a likely bottom for the asset. The Bitcoin Puell Multiple value of 0.4 is the lowest for the coin for over 2 years.
Miami City Partners With Time Magazine, MasterCard, and Salesforce to Launch 5000 Ethereum NFTs

Miami City mayor Francis X Suarez recently unveiled plans to launch 5000 Ethereum NFTs in collaboration with Time Magazine, Mastercard, and Salesforce. 

Mayor Of Miami Is Set To Launch 5000 Ethereum NFTs

Per the official statement released, the Mayor of Miami has unveiled a new 5000 NFT collection that will be designed by 56 different artists in Miami, representing the city’s 56-mile area.
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Friends, last year we were actively working on our metauniverse Crypto Soul World. And now, it's time to announce the imminent launch of this ambitious project! Right now you can buy CSW token on PancakeSwap early presale. In a month this token will be added to centralized exchanges like Kucoin and Huobi, and in December we plan a listing on Binance.

CSW is a metauniverse utility token with which you can buy NFT land and NFT characters in Crypto Soul World universe. Details about the universe itself are still under wraps, but we will be publishing a Lite Paper very soon.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the metauniverse launch.

When the universe is launched, each CSW token holder will receive an NFT plot of land at the rate of 10 000 tokens = 1 NFT! For example, if you buy and hold 50 000 CSW tokens, you will receive 5 NFT when the metauniverse is launched!

Hurry up, only 800,000 tokens are available for sale right now. Max 80 NFT plots will be distributed among all presale participants.

The metauniverse is scheduled to launch on September 1.
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Less than a month remains before the public release of our metaverse Crypto Soul World. Upon release to centralized exchanges, the price of the CSW token will start at $0.5 per token. Now there is a presale of token on PancakeSwap exchange, only 800,000 tokens are sold now on special conditions for members of our community.

Everyone who buys 10,000 tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange and holds tokens by September 1 will receive 1 NFT value for every 10,000 tokens to their wallet.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.01 and continues to rise due to high demand.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the project launch.
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Get a piece of NFT land in the Crypto Soul World metaverse!

Everyone who buys 10,000 tokens CSW on the PancakeSwap exchange and holds tokens till the 1st of September will receive 1 NFT value for every 10,000 tokens to their wallet.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.01 and continues to rise due to high demand.

1. Go to
2. Find a pair BNB/CSW (CSW contract address: 0xA62106602B7F0ced0101F497F60E5Ad7AAc3DCBE)
3. Swap 10 000 CSW tokens or more and hold it at your wallet until the project launch.