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#SafeMars is proud to announce a new partnership with
#DWR #DogeWarrior. 4 Limited edition #Martian #NFTs will be available in their #NFTMarketplace very soon! Each #NFT will be used in-game! We look forward to hosting our own #NFTs also soon! #BSCGems #BSCNews
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#SafeMars is proud to announce a new Partnership with SCV.Finance

Get your #SafeMars #NFTs at our Official #SCVFinance page Right pointing backhand index

#SafeMars1stLanding - 125 Prints Video NFT
#MarsDogNFT - 250 Prints Video Audio NFT

We will release In batches!
Dear martians, it's come to our attention that another project, Lambodoge is claiming to be affiliated with us (even saying it's from our developers).

This is NOT TRUE.

In fact we have every reason to believe Lambodoge IS A SCAM!

Please DO NOT give them your money.