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Safekee is the first multi-currency wallet integrating a secure Cold-Storage service!
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Announcing safekee: the world's first secure decentralized cryptokeys Cold-Storage service, made available to the masses via a multi-currency crypto wallet!
Roadshow starts for safekee at 5th Meetup of Swiss Finance + Technology Association Lausanne chapter on 16th April, hosted by HEIG-VD (Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton... Yverdon!

Claudio Bareato will introduce about "Decentralizing Crypto-Assets Protection: securing Cryptoassets from cyber and physical threats" and
Oreste Venier will present a live demo of core safekee technology.

Thank you Gabriel Lamon for organizing it and Vincenzo Pallotta for hosting us!

Join us!