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Russians vs Sanctions: The Whole Truth About Russians Attitudes Toward US and EU Sanctions

The US and EU sanctions against Russia are political and should hurt the interests of politicians. But in fact, they have a serious impact not on politicians, but on ordinary people in Russia. None of the Russian politicians have become poorer, have not lost their savings.

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My attitude towards politicians

Absolutely all politicians in the world are a separate category of people to whom I have an extremely negative attitude. It doesn't matter if they are Russian politicians, or American and European. Politicians are a very special kind of people for whom power is the highest value.

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Russia is an expensive country with a poor population

Many surmise that Russia has a poor population. Especially when compared to developed countries like the USA, England or Germany. And because of this, they think that prices in Russia are low.

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International Women's Day is celebrated in Russia

Many residents of the US and the EU do not even suspect that Russia is one of the first countries to recognize the equality of men and women. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the initiators of this ideology are the communists. At the beginning of the 20th century, capitalist countries actively fought against this ideology and rejected all those proposals that came from the communists.

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US intelligence agencies accused Russia of discrediting Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

You’ve probably seen similar headlines on the Internet. I won’t tell you anything new about this. Moreover, most likely, the conclusions of the American special services are not groundless.

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Puritan Russia - teacher fired for ironic video on social network

In Russia, campaigning for a modest, puritanical and highly moral way of life is constantly being carried out. The Russian authorities support this. All this agitation is a huge hypocrisy of officials and leads to negative results in society.

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