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President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu embrace the beautiful nature of the Russian region of Tyva during a short weekend vacation #PhotoOfTheWeek
Legendary Soviet-Russian singer Joseph Kobzon, who was often compared to Frank Sinatra and was the most decorated singer in Russian history, passed away today at the age of 80. Our sincere condolences
FM #Lavrov: A new provocation is being prepared by the West to hamper anti-terrorist operation in Idlib, Syria. We have facts, we issued a strong warning to our Western partners not to play with fire
Presidents Putin and Xi 🇷🇺🇨🇳 put on aprons, engage in a friendly Cook Off - cook Russian pancakes ("blinis") 🥞, put caviar on them and finish their snack with a shot of vodka 🥂
Russian MoD: Russian Il-20 plane was downed by Syrian missile after Israeli F-16 pilots used it as cover setting it up to be targeted by AA defence. Such actions are a deliberate provocation
FM Lavrov: #MunichBetrayal of 1938 & West’s appeasement of the Third Reich is a classic example of how grave consequences can follow one's exceptionalism & disregard for international law
Vladimir Putin tests new Russian semi-automatic sniper rifle (SVCh 380) - hits 3 targets out of 5 at distance of 600m without single calibration shot. Video:
Russia's Position at #UNGA73: Crisis prevention and conflict settlement in #Africa are based on combined approach - Africans themselves play a leading role with efficient support from intl community
Foreign Ministers of Russia and China 🇷🇺🇨🇳, Sergey Lavrov & Wang Yi meet on the sidelines of UNGA, discuss numerous topical issues, pose for a joint photo... as if saying, "Have You joined #BRICS?"
🇧🇷🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇿🇦 BRICS FMs meet on the UNGA sidelines, reaffirm commitment to coordiante actions in intl foras incl. the UN, outlined further steps to implement decisions of the Xth #BRICSSummit
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's Remarks at the 73rd #UNGA. Read in full in English:
Learn from History - Lessons of the #MunichBetrayal. Our Essay on the true meaning and history behind the Munich Agreement
FM Lavrov at #UNGA73: Some of our Western colleagues who want to assign blame are content to rely on assertions. We remember well how false pretexts were used to justify interventions
Russia delivers S-300 air defence systems to Syria. The supplied hardware consists of 49 pieces of military equipment, including radars, control vehicles and four launchers. Video:
Today Russia's President Vladimir #Putin celebrates his 66th Anniversary. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day Vladimir Vladimirovich! #Putin66
Today marks 101 years since birth of the legendary Soviet #WWII hero Yakov Pavlov, who organised the defence of the Pavlov's House during the Battle of Stalingrad
🇷🇺🇿🇦 Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and Lindiwe Sisulu meet in Moscow, discuss various tracks and facets of Russian-South African cooperation including coordination within BRICS
In the light of @facebook suspending RT & Ruptly-owned projects under pretext of their “Russian affiliations“, wouldn't it be only fair if Facebook itself officially announced its “US affiliations“? It seems to have no problem being guided by Washington, CNN, German Marshall Fund & et al
Fat & Furrious – Manul aka the Pallas's cat feels comfortable at the Moscow Zoo even in winter, enjoys walking in the snow even if it's hard to tell by his stern look / Photo by P.Labonsky
Forwarded from Russian MFA 🇷🇺
🗓 September 8 is the International Day in Memory of Victims of Faschism. By tradition, it is observed on the second Sunday of September and is timed to two key dates of World War II: the day it began – September 1, 1939 – and the day it ended – September 2, 1945.

🔹 Over 55 million people became victims of the misanthropic ideology during the war unleashed by Hitler’s Germany. The Soviet Union suffered the biggest losses – about 27 million people. The Soviet people made a decisive contribution to the rout of the axis powers and liberated Europe from the Nazi plague in cooperation with the allies.

🔹 In the past few years, a number of European countries have been trying to rewrite history and belittle or distort the Soviet Union’s role in WWII. They cynically equate the Nazi occupation with the Red Army’s liberating mission. Nazi accomplices are being glorified in the process. Monuments are built in their honour and streets are given their names, whereas monuments to Soviet liberators and victims of Nazi atrocities are desecrated.

🔹 Such political allegations, as well as attempts to equate victims with executors and liberators with aggressors and call into doubt the decisions of the Nuremberg trials, are unacceptable and ridicule the memory of millions of people on all continents who perished fighting against fascism and Nazism.

#ThisDayInHistory #History #Liberation #Victory #Memory #Europe #USSR #GreatVictory #WorldWarII #ImmortalRegiment #Germany #SecondWorldWar #AntiFascism #Russia #RedArmy #GreatPatrioticWar