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Project updates soon
be sure to stay tuned for tonight's drop
Dont forget to stay ready for the next drop
The anticipated mega drop is today! don´t miss it
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+855.23% volume on Matic in March :)
+484.66% volume on Ethereum in March :)
You’ve said a lot about #DROPs and the team takes it to heart.
A new drop format is in the works to make it more fair, accessible, and fun for everyone!
As always, grateful for your feedback and recommendations to make it better for community.
Promise to share more news as it becomes available!
Stay #zedy y'all
ZED got this burning, burning, yearning feelin’ inside too. The team is grinding behind the scenes so you can bring back all your filly + colt love! Thank you for your patience. #breeding #soon #zedrun
🔊 OUR BIGGEST DROP TO DATE IS COMING THIS WEEK 🔊 You don’t want to miss it!!! Details to come. #zedrun #NFT #digitalracehorses #TERADROP
Today's zed #TERADROP is live. Be sure to have enough WETH in your ZED RUN wallet. https://community.zed.run/2021/05/06/tera-drop-awaits/

Due to limited supply, at the conclusion of the TERA DROP there will be less than 250 of our coveted Z1 to Z4 Genesis racehorses.

IMPORTANT! You cannot use other sources of WETH. You can only acquire the appropriate WETH by using the ZED RUN wallet or Metamask. ETH must be deposited into WETH by only using the ZED RUN Wallet or Metamask. WETH acquired from other sources will not work on ZED RUN.

This is mandatory so prepare for the drop event fast!
Keep an eye on your email! As soon as you get your link you need to get into Marketplace as quickly as possible because these ponies are going to be gone quickly! HorseDash symbol #TeraDrop #ZedRun #NFT #digitalhorseracing
Chequered flag ZED RUN Chequered flag is excited to partner with The Preakness on a historic NFT offering with a collection of seventeen individual 1-of-1 NFTs surrounding race day! https://t.co/Cj8U2BI9WM?amp=1