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# Color route according to speed

Garmin beat us to it a few days ago, but this feature has also been on our wish list for a long time. Now it’s done and you can also colorize all your tracks by speed in Runalyze. So you can see directly on which sections you were especially fast or slow.

German post:
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You can now set your locale dependent date, time and number format in your account settings.
🔄 Synchronisation with Coros 🔄
As some know, Coros connected their app to our API in March this year. But now Coros also has its own API which gives you and us a few advantages including History Import and forcing a sync of an individual activity or downloading the fit file.

If you are already using the Coros connecting to our API it's easy to switch. Just go to the services page and connect your account (

Everything you want to know:
As some users have requested we have now created a setting to restrict the Garmin synchronization.

Select whether you want to have the rest heart rate, sleep data or body composition automatically synchronized. Default remains "yes"
Additionally: Withings synchronization is now available for all users.
As already for Garmin, the same synchronization settings are now available for Polar.

Sleep data are not yet synchronized due to an problem at Polar. We asked Polar yesterday and it looks like they will fix the bug this month.
Investigating problems with Polar Sync. In case an activity is missing please sync it manually.
Update: The missing activities from Polar from yesterday have been imported this morning.
The current problem seems to be at Polars side. See for details.
#### API Update next week
A short update before the weekend: We are currently working on extending and refactoring our API (Health data ). Deploy will be within the next week.
So hopefully soon you will be able to push your Health data via HealthToFit to Runalyze.

#### Translation
By the way: If you want to help us with the translation, please send us a message ( For Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish and Chinese we need some help to get it more complete. Thanks for your support!

And if you want to translate a language that is not yet represented on Runalyze, we would love to hear from you!

Have a nice sporty weekend!
- Flight time plot is now available in the activity view
- Runalyze is now also available in Russian and Finnish. Thanks for the translation support!
- Unfortunately we had to postpone the extension of our API by 1-2 weeks. But it will be soon live!
- Option to disable TRIMP calculation for activities without heart rate data by setting avg. HR in sport settings to 0
- As always several small fixes
VAM (abbreviation for the Italian term velocità ascensionale media) is available for activities that are now imported into Runalyze. For earlier activities we will provide this information later, when we are going through all activities.

Some other changes:
- Small adjustments to the privacy page:
- ANOVA: group by month (and year), weekday and daytime
# Personal API
With your personal API you can develop and use own scripts to import activities and data on your own to Runalyze.

Help Article:
Personal API in your account: