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Israel Approves $1.5bn Budget for Potential Strike on Iran (Channel 12 Report)

The funds — nearly $1bn in this year's budget and over half a billion in 2022 — will reportedly go towards aircrafts, intelligence gathering, and dedicated armaments that can enable an attack on Iran's nuclear program.

While Israel is planning for a possible military attack, world powers are working to bring the Islamic Republic back to the negotiating table in Vienna to try and restart talks on reviving the 2015 nuclear accord.

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❗️Plane reportedly carrying 21 people crashes in Waller County, Texas - local media

There is no information on casualties currently - the wreckage is ablaze.

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Russia slaps Google with MASSIVE turnover fine - up to $240mn

Google is facing an enormous bill from Russia’s comms regulator that will amount to between 5-20% of annual turnover in the country for repeated failure to remove banned content.

Google had failed to pay a previous fine of $458k from earlier this year, and is already facing a court ruling demanding they unlock a YouTube account of a sanctioned Russian businessman.

Last year Google turned over $1.2bn in Russia, meaning their new fine could reach $240mn.

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FBI storms homes linked to Russian oligarch Deripaska

The FBI has conducted court-sanctioned raids on two homes belonging to relatives of Russian steel oligarch Oleg Deripaska - but not owned by him - in New York and DC Tuesday, his representative confirmed to RT.

Deripaska was sanctioned in 2018 for alleged money laundering, extortion and racketeering according to a press release, and sued the US over the ruling, before a federal judge dismissed the case in June. (NBC)

A court filing in the Cayman Islands indicates that Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was allegedly paid $7.35mn by Deripaska for investment fund management fees.

Watch the FBI raid in DC on Ruptly: https://youtu.be/_43tARxU8g0

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MASKED XMAS? “Challenging” winter for UK, warns No.10, after nearly 50k infections Monday

Boris Johnson is keeping a “very close watch on the latest statistics” after the UK hit almost 50k infections Monday, the highest daily number for 3 months, as fears grow of the govt’s mask mandate, vaccine passport and home working “Plan B”.

Although No. 10 insisted there weren’t plans to reintroduce strict measures, the booster jab rollout has slowed as experts expect it will take until January to top up all at-risk age groups.

Officials reportedly claim Plan B will be implemented if hospitalizations top 1k a day; on Monday there were 915 NHS Covid hospital admissions.

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⚡️Facebook "NOT ABOVE THE LAW" - platform agrees to pay MILLIONS to victims of alleged discrimination against US workers (WSJ)

The social media giant had been accused of illegally reserving well-paying jobs for immigrants it was sponsoring for residency - instead of considering and employing available US workers.

FB will pay out $4.75 million to the US govt. and $9.5 million to the victims of alleged discrimination, the Justice Dept. said.

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⚡️Manchester Airport EVACUATED after “suspicious package” reported

Staff and passengers have been evacuated from Terminal 2 “as per standard procedure,” an airport spox to Daily Mail.

“We are in close contact with Greater Manchester Police, who are managing the response, and will provide an update on the situation as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

One witness told the Manchester Evening News the atmosphere was ‘calm’ and his family were moved from the shops and duty free towards the gate area.

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Southwest Airlines scraps plan to put unvaxxed employees on unpaid leave

The company has reportedly reversed course on placing unvaccinated workers, who seek medical or religious exemption, on unpaid leave after December's mandate deadline.

Instead, the airline will allow them to continue working under Covid protocols like masking and social distancing. Has Southwest changed its mind after it canceled thousands of flights?

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Seismic movement from Jima’s active volcanoes raises Japanese WWII ghost ships FROM THE DEAD

History from the Battle of Iwo Jima is resurfacing due to seismic activity at one of Japan's most dangerous volcanoes, Mount Suribachi. Video shows 24 leftover Japanese transport vessels that had sunk in 1945.

The seabed has started to rise around Mount Suribachi, mostly in the western part of the island.

Talk about dragging up the past?

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BREAKNECK BOTTLENECK? Record container ships waiting off California coast

100 ships are frozen at sea outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, making the backlog of cargo ships the worst its ever been, KABC reports.

Another 45 ships are expected to arrive by Thursday.

Sec. of Transport Pete Buttigieg, who recently returned from two months paid paternity leave, called the issue ‘complicated’ and said the govt. is working with ports, truckers and logistics companies to resolve the supply chain crisis.

Not sure "complicated" cuts it...

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Bill & Boris: UK Partners with Gates in £400MN Green Investment Package

Boris Johnson has announced a pricey tech partnership with Bill Gates for a so-called “green industrial revolution,” to cover costs Britain couldn't pay itself to meet climate commitments.

“We will only achieve our ambitious climate goals if we rapidly scale up new technologies in areas like green hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels – technologies that seemed impossible just a few years ago,” the British PM gushed.

Alongside billionaire philanthropist Gates, the PM outlined a plan to deploy £400 million in investments in new green technologies, heralding the Microsoft founder’s cash as the key element in a development program that would otherwise be commercially unfeasible and thus too expensive.

NOT so cheap being "GREEN" then, Boris?

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WH Migrant Planes: Psaki said kids & teens moved to other US states... those children are pretty big though (Watch)

Unverified video allegedly shows buses dropping off potentially hundreds of immigrants at a Costco in Port Chester, New York after flying from Texas. (In the middle of the night).

Rob Astorino (R NY Candidate) who shared the footage in a tweet asks, “How many children do you see?” Querying the WH’s assurances that flights “only carry children and teens.”

Has the border crisis become an interior crisis?

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❗️Bitcoin price hits record high of over $64,000

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96yo Nazi concentration camp secretary trial begins after flee attempt failed

The trial of Irmgard Furchner a 96-year-old former Nazi concentration camp secretary, who had to be electronically tagged after going on the run, has begun.

She has been accused of showing “contempt for the survivors and also for the rule of law” after not only trying to escape justice, but requesting to not appear in the dock.

While she faces charges for complicity in the murder of 10k people at the Stutthof camp in Poland, 100yo Josef Scheutz becomes the oldest person to stand trial for nazi crimes - but claims he is innocent.

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China builds over 1 MILLION 5G base stations by end of September

Currently 450 million 5G terminal connections are servicing the country with 1.159 million being built in September alone. (People’s Daily)

The nation’s gigabit optical network has expanded to potentially cover over 200 million households, Ministry of Industry Luo Junjie said.

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“THE GREAT RESIGNATION”: Record 4.3mn quit US jobs in August alone

The trend of rapidly growing unemployment numbers has spread beyond the US - where 20mn have left their jobs since April, mostly from low-income positions - as companies are being forced to lift wages to retain workers.

OECD data shows that of its 38 member European countries there are 20m fewer people in work than before the pandemic, while the UN’s International Labor Organization found 26mn people lost their jobs in Latin America last year.

The South China Morning Post has also reported that young Chinese workers are turning away from law-wage, labor-intensive industries that have propped up the country’s economic boom.

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❗️North Korea Releases Images of Missile Test

Pyongyang has confirmed it tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile off its east coast Tuesday - and now has the photos appearing to prove it.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the North to comply with Sec. Council resolutions, which ban ballistic missile launches. (Reuters)

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“The Squad” spends nearly $100K on private security in one quarter — despite vicious defund police rhetoric (Fox News)

The progressive Democrat reps spent approximately:

▪️Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: $10,000 FEC records show.

▪️Ayanna Pressley: $4,000 for the Massachusetts congresswoman.

▪️Ilhan Omar spent $22,000 for private security in one quarter.

▪️Cori Bush: $65,000 despite labelling law-enforcement officers “rotten to the root.”

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