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“MISTRESS of the SEA” - Moscow Taunts UK over Warship “Violation”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has suggested wounded pride might have been behind what he claims was a “planned provocation and blatant violation of international law” by the HMS Defender near Crimea (Recap here).

“It is probably the result of the long-term effect of Britain’s frustration over losing its former greatness. Suddenly, the “Mistress of the Sea” was not allowed to sail where it wanted.”

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Paris ‘HEALTH PASS’ Protest - Thousands are demonstrating against Covid restrictions announced by the govt (Watch!)

Demonstrations are underway in front of the French Senate in the capital.

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⚡️Twitter temporarily SUSPENDS the “VoterGA" account, that allegedly 'exposed' thousands of fraudulent Biden votes in the Georgia 2020 elections.

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JAB NERVES?! EU adds side-effect disorder for Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine:

The European Union has added a rare nerve-degenerating disorder (Guillain-Barré syndrome) as a possible side effect from taking Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine.

"After assessing the available data, PRAC considered that a causal relationship between Covid-19 vaccine Janssen and GBS is possible," the European Medicine Agency said after 108 cases were reported worldwide.

GBS can cause muscle weakness or even paralysis last for just days or years. Most people make a full recovery.

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Kodak bows to CHINA? Deletes Insta post describing Xinjiang as “Orwellian DYSTOPIA” after Beijing BACKLASH

Kodak APOLOGIZED this week for sharing photographer Patrick Wack’s work - after posting 10 of the Frenchman’s photos from the Xinjiang region shot between 2016-2019, using Kodak film.

Wack, promoting his new book, described the images as “a testimony to the abrupt descent into an Orwellian dystopia.”

Kodak is facing ONLINE OUTRAGE from both Chinese social media users and netizens in the West - who said the American company should have taken a “stand on a project that’s so important for human rights.”

The US govt has accused China of committing “genocide” and major human rights abuses in Xinjiang, against the Muslim Uyghur community - a claim vehemently DENIED by Beijing.

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Russia FINES Twitter for Failing to Remove Content... Again (Report)

A Moscow court has ruled social media giant Twitter must PAY UP after allegedly failing to remove content deemed illegal by Russian law, handing down a $75k fine. (Tass)

This is the latest in the standoff between Russia and Big Tech, as tests to remove Russia’s internet presence from the worldwide web were confirmed as successful this week.

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⚡️Natural Gas Pipeline Explodes in Kansas

Early reports from the scene suggest the explosion was started by a leak, with first responders in Ellsworth Country attempting to put out the blaze.

The company says there is no threat to public safety, as the pipeline has been shut off and the gas will burn out.

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Liberian RESCUE… after 49 HOURS in Sea!

Non-profit sea rescuers have saved one man after more than TWO DAYS in the sea when a Liberian-registered vessel sank off the coast - despite being under a detention order for not meeting safety regs.

Some of the 11 members rescued - allegedly including a Chinese national and a Swedish captain - in the initial 36-hour search claimed there were up to 28 passengers on the Niko Ivanka.

The ship’s Chinese owner has been ARRESTED as investigations continue into how it was able to travel from the capital Monrovia last Saturday, and why there were more on board than the 18 stated on the manifest.

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Slick Move!? Iran's NEW OIL TERMINAL to put US sanctions over a barrel, bypassing Strait of Hormuz

Tehran has trumpeted the prospect of exporting 1mn barrels per day (bpd), and once its new terminal is up and running it will demonstrate the "failure of US sanctions.”

“Today is a great historic day for the Iranian nation,” President Rouhani said about the new project, which has been two years in the making, cost $2bn, and includes a new 600-mile pipeline to the new terminal.

State news agency IRNA claimed the new capabilities would help “win back the Iranian oil market from rival countries,” despite US sanctions on crude sales remaining.

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❗️Thousands Rally in Italy Against GREEN PASS Restrictions for Unvaccinated Citizens

The government in Italy is seeing a backlash against its so-called “green pass” policy that will impose restrictions on unvaccinated citizens.

Mario Draghi’s government is seeking to increase vaccination rates within the country by mandating all Italians must get the jab. From 5 August, entry to stadiums, museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibition centers, swimming pools and gyms will only be allowed upon presentation of a “green pass.”

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⚡️ PORN BLASTED ALL OVER MSM: News Sites' including Huffington Post, Vox, Newsweek have HARDCORE problem laid bare! (Report)

An old video player called Vidme had its domain purchased by a pornographic company resulting in hardcore content being advertised on mainstream media web pages - where embedded ads or video used to be.

The Washington Post, Vox, Newsweek, the Mirror and the Huffington Post are all allegedly victims of the ongoing problem. The sites are said to be scrambling to rectify the situation...

... But here's one we found earlier on Teen Vogue's site, within a Miley Cyrus article clearly aimed at younger audiences.

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REAL-WORLD SKYNET: Hackers to use computer systems to KILL HUMANS by 2025?!

Hackers will have turned average computer systems into weapons capable of killing, claims computer tech firm Gartner. It added the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in the US was just one example of hackers weaponizing computer systems to create chaos.

Gartner expects that the financial impact of cyber attacks could reach over $50 billion by 2023, and this figure is expected to grow exponentially as we become more tech-dependent.

Top-5 Largest Ransomware Reported Payouts:

▪️CWT Global ($4.5 million)

▪️Colonial Pipeline ($4.4 million)

▪️Brenntag ($4.4 million)

▪️Travelex ($2.3 million)

▪️University of California at San Francisco ($1.14 million)

Kaspersky Labs (Australia)

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Next Gen. HATE?! Kid’s stories containing sheep and wolves, incite ‘sedition’

Hong Kong police have placed five children’s books publishers under arrest, claiming fairytales containing wolves and sheep as characters were aimed at “inciting sedition” and ‘hatred’ towards the city’s govt.

The arrests were the latest in a series of crackdowns against alleged ‘dissenters’ since Beijing imposed a national security law that aims to put an end to pro-democracy protests on the island.

The accused (members of a speech therapists’ union), face up to two years imprisonment if found guilty of sedition for tales like “Defenders of Sheep Village."

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CRYPTOMANIA: JPMorgan, Bitcoin’s “BIGGEST ENEMY,” becomes first US big bank to give clients access!

JPMorgan is giving its financial advisers the nod to offer all of the company’s wealth-management clients access to cryptocurrencies.

The bank’s advisers can only make ‘unsolicited’ crypto trades, according to a spokesperson.

JPMorgan will not recommend digital currencies as an investment to customers, but will execute trades at the request of any client.

Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust, Bitcoin Cash Trust, Ethereum Trust, and Ethereum Classic vehicles, as well as Osprey Funds' Bitcoin Trust are currently the only cryptocurrencies available for investment via JPMorgan, making it the first major US bank to wade into the crypto pond.

JPMorgan, to the moon?

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Big TROUBLE in Little Panama? Fmr. President of Panama Facing Trial for Political ESPIONAGE

Former president of Panama Ricardo Martinelli is facing two legal charges of espionage from his time as leader (2009-2014). Martinelli stands accused of intercepting around 150 communications of rival politicians, journalists and even his own political allies (Panamanian Prosecutor’s Office).

Panama’s Justice Department is preventing him from leaving the country due to the investigation. The 69-year-old will face up to eight years imprisonment if found guilty on both charges.

Martinelli refutes any claims made against him, stating that all accusations are fabricated by his rivals to exclude him from running in the 2024 election.

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COVID-19 “LIES”: YouTube DELETES Bolsonaro’s videos for MISINFORMATION

YT removed a total of 15 videos from the Brazilian president’s channel on Wednesday - “after careful review” and without consideration for Bolsonaro’s job or political ideology.

The right-wing former army captain has overseen the world’s second deadliest outbreak and regularly used social media platforms to express vaccine doubts, scorn the effectiveness of masks and tout unproven cures.

The censorship comes just days after President Biden urged social media firms to take tougher action against Covid misinformation: “They’re killing people. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.”

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“YOU’RE A B****H!” Airport Check-in Manager goes VIRAL for Calm Response to Passenger FREAKOUT - Pack your bags, Karen!

An anonymous American Airlines employee has been hailed a hero for keeping his cool while dealing with a fuming woman, asking her to, “fly with another carrier.”

"We don't take that crap."

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Best TESTES in Town: Chinese competition hunts student recruits with 'vigorous swimmers'

A Shanghai fertility center has launched an extraordinary competition to find the “best” sperm - but insists it is only trying to promote reproductive health.

The concept began on 12 July, and although no personal data is stored, entrants must be at least 1.65m tall, have no underlying health issues and be educated to college level.

The prizes are nothing to go nuts about... the only reward being personal pride. So far the leader in the Sperm Stakes (per-millimeter count) is a sports fan with 19 TIMES the usual levels.

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