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Facebook "Whistleblower" Haugen Has Tech Billionaire BACKER (Politico report)

eBay’s billionaire founder Pierre Omidyar has thrown his weight behind "whistleblower" Frances Haugen in her dispute with Facebook by reportedly offering advice - and possibly funding.

While it is Omidyar’s organization Luminate last year ploughed $150k sum into Whistleblower Aid, which is funding Haugen’s legal fees, an unnamed source suggested to Politico that “there will be financial investments."

Haugen has other big hitters in her corner - her top PR representative is former Obama spox Bill Burton, whose Center Humane technology receives funding from Omidyar, and former Dem presidential candidate Larry Lessig has offered legal aid.

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TRUTH SOCIAL: First glimpses of Trump’s new platform

The first promo clips of Donald Trump’s new TRUTH Social network - set for a soft launch next month - have appeared online, with a suspiciously familiar lilt to the branding.

The former President announced the launch of Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) on Wednesday to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech” in clear reference to his censorship on Facebook and Twitter.

TMTG has already been listed at a whopping $1.7bn potential value just months after its founder was banned from the major platforms – is the new logo a dig at FB?

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“WILFUL NEGLIGENCE”: Health Boss BLASTS UK Govt for Ignoring Masks and WFH Orders

British Medical Association Chief Dr Chand Nagpaul has blamed ministers of recklessly refusing to reinstate mask mandates and work from home advice, despite Health Sec Sajid Javid admitting daily infection cases could surge over 100k.

Javid resisted calls to impose the govt’s Plan B, which includes Covid passports, claiming the NHS is not under “unsustainable” pressure - but Dr Nagpaul insists “categorically” it is, highlighting that weekly Covid deaths are now equal to March’s lockdown.

“It is therefore incredibly concerning that he is not willing to take immediate action to save lives and to protect the NHS,” he said.

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