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Deadly Twister Rips through China’s Hebei Province (Report)

A tornado has torn through Qingyuan, in the south of China, ripping the roofs of buildings and leaving two people dead - according to the Global Times.

It’s reported that the twister has disconnected much of Qingyuan’s telecommunications and is causing power and gas outages.

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We know your LOCKDOWN DREAMS! Italian study offers window into sleep...

A newly-released study claims to slip inside the eye of your mind after peering into the mental effects of 90 Italian subjects during the April-May lockdown - even predicting what you dream about.

“The current study provided the first within-subjects longitudinal assessment of dream activity across the pandemic in Italy. Our results […] confirmed that both sleep and dream measures showed critical differences between the lockdown and post-lockdown periods.”

During lockdown, subjects experienced more than DOUBLE the amount of lucid dreams, and were able to recall almost twice as many due to “clinically relevant anxiety and PTSD-related symptoms."

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Biden Tackles QAnon head-on and “gets himself in trouble,” (While Jill is in Alaska)

“The idea that Democrats are hiding people and sucking on the blood of children… this is not who we are.”

Biden added he has faith that Americans will "get to the right place.... by the way, many Republicans are some times in the right place."

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Mars A..WAITS?! Elon Musk Warns EARTH at Brink of COLLAPSE - “Mars Needs Us!”

Elon Musk believes Earth is at the brink of overpopulation and the Doge Coin aficionado plans to send humans to the Red Planet by 2030 with SpaceX to begin the process of populating Mars.

In response to a question posed via Twitter, the billionaire magnate said that overpopulation is one of the biggest threats facing mankind. He also claims that our only chance of survival is to depopulate Earth and start getting frisky on Mars.

The Red (Light) Planet?

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Anti-vaccine Protesters BLASTED with Water Cannon, Tear Gas Outside Greek Parliament!

Police in Athens have broken up an anti-vaxx demonstration outside the capital's parliament, resorting to force with tear gas and water cannon. The protest was in response to the Greek government’s announcement that vaccination against Covid-19 will be made compulsory for some in the country.

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GOLD-MEDAL BLM BACKLASH? Social Media Teams BARRED from Posting Pics of Protesting Athletes at Tokyo Olympics!

Organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have reportedly banned social media teams from posting photos of competitors taking the knee during national anthems and other forms of political protest.

According to an insider, the message to not distribute politically-charged materials on social media came from the highest levels of the Olympic Committee. With political protests already banned from the games.

The policy appears to be having an affect already. In the UK’s first soccer match versus Chile, both female sides took the knee in a protest against racism. The US team likewise before their defeat. Though the imagery was seen on live TV, the gesture is nowhere to be found on the official Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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Forwarded from RTDocumentary
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Cicadas invade the US

If you are not from the eastern part of the US, you probably haven't followed the cicada news. This year they've invaded the States, reemerging after 17 years. They have a short life cycle, only living for three weeks, breeding and then die.

Some saw it as a good omen: people who spent months on lockdown are eager to meet insects who were trapped underground for almost two decades. Cicada fans, in the meantime, had fun, enjoyed chocolate-covered roast cicadas, made up songs and designed cicada-inspired artwork.

Oxana Ware got famous after she made a photoshoot of cicadas pictured in different settings. Will cicadas bring change along? What do you think?

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Sisters Executed on Instagram livestream for knowing “too much” about local drug dealers

Amália and Amanda Alves were stood side-by-side and shot in the back of the head by 17-year-old Mateus Abreu in the gruesome double-homicide in the city of Pacajus, Brazil.

Questions have been raised to Instagram as to why the double-hit job was able to stay online and garner thousands of views in just a few hours.

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With billionaires BLASTING OFF into space in their phallus-shaped rockets, you’d wonder WHY people have to march for health care!

Saturday, July 24 fed-up people from over 50 cities across the US are getting together to march for the right to health care, the question is: will the politicians even listen?!

Author, poet and former Senate aide Tara Reade explores the costs of universal health care in America and confronts the oligarchs who oppose it...

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Forwarded from Rachel Blevins
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When the list of 50,000 smartphone numbers tied to the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware includes 10 prime ministers, 3 presidents, and a king—along with US Gov’t officials and journalists…

So, why hasn’t the Biden Administration named the Israeli firm a national security threat?
Haiti president hitmen flew in same plane that carried Juan Guaido to Bahamas for peace talks (Venezuelan media)

Venezuelan TV network La Iguana claims that the four-seater Cessna jet used by interim president Juan Guaido to fly for talks with Nicolas Maduro representatives also carried some of the ASSASSINS who killed Haiti president Jovenel Moise.

Guaido had flown to the Bahamas in September 2019 to meet Maduro reps after having declared himself president earlier that year.

The aircraft’s owners insist that the passengers on the flight all passed immigration checks at departure and arrival, and denied having any way of knowing their potential criminal intent.

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Large explosion rocks the Al-Zawiya market - the oldest market in Gaza, one person reported dead, 10 injured.

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WHERE’S THE DOUGH?! Prison Guards Freed after Hostage-Taking MURDERERS Delivered Kebab Pizzas

Two prison guards who were taken hostage at a penitentiary near the city of Eskilstuna, Sweden have been safely released after demands of 20 kebab pizzas for inmates were allegedly met.

It’s reported that two prisoners, both convicted of murder, rushed a guard station with razor blades and ceased a pair of COs. They then demanded a helicopter for personal use and pizzas for the inmates.

The guards have been freed and were unharmed and the two prisoners are in police custody once more waiting to be charged. It's unclear whether they got a slice of the action...

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⚡️Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina survives ASSASSINATION attempt, two French nationals reportedly detained.

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Two Scoops of Terror!? Ben & Jerry’s West Bank Boycott “Economic Terrorism” - Israeli President!

Ben & Jerry’s decision to boycott parts of Israel, “is a new sort of economic terrorism,” newly-installed Israeli president Isaac Hertzog said on Wednesday.

The ice cream company’s decision to cease selling their products in Occupied Palestinian Territories has enraged the Israeli government.

Newly-elected Israeli PM Naftali Bennett warned the US company’s British owners, that the ice cream maker's decision, "is an action that has severe consequences" and that Israel could "take strong action.'

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“I might pump, but I don’t dump!” Elon Musk Spills Beans on Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum!

Billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted to owning Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum on Wednesday:

“Outside of Tesla and SpaceX stock, it’s my largest holding,” Musk said during pro-Bitcoin event “The B Word.”

The eccentric billionaire has come under extensive criticism on the topic, as a single tweet of his regarding the currencies has the ability to send shockwaves throughout the entire crypto market.

“If the price of Bitcoin goes down I lose money. I might pump but I don’t dump.”

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