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⚡️Pelosi BLOCKS House Rep picks for Capitol Riot panel - McCarthy to retaliate!?

Two of House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s five picks to sit on the Jan 6 Capitol riot committee - Jim Banks and Jim Jordan - have been THROWN OUT by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee," Pelosi said in a statement.

In retaliation, McCarthy has threatened to withdraw all Republican nominees.

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❗️Russia launches 'ROBOT ARM' Nauka Research Module to ISS! (Watch)

Russia has launched a Proton rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome taking the European Robotic Arm (ERA) payload to the International Space Station.

The ISS already has two robotic arms in service which are used to receive payloads and astronauts. The new ERA will be used to service the Russian segment of the ISS, according to the European Space Agency.

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FUGITIVE FAMILY! Did Dubai Emir use PEGASUS to Track Wife & Daughter?

The phone numbers of two family members of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoun have appeared in a leaked dataset - suggesting they may have been targets of the Israeli spyware Pegasus.

Princess Haya and recaptured fugitive daughter Princess Latifa were named on the list that indicates “people of interest to a government client” of Israeli firm NSO.

While NSO denies the lists indicate spying on names, their clients sign agreements committing to only using the tech for anti-terrorism measures - a source close to NSO allegedly claimed Dubai had been stripped of its Pegasus license.

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⚡️Pelosi BLOCKS House Rep picks for Capitol Riot panel - McCarthy to retaliate!? Two of House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s five picks to sit on the Jan 6 Capitol riot committee - Jim Banks and Jim Jordan - have been THROWN OUT by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.…
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⚡️"SHAM PROCESS" - McCarthy HITS BACK at “lame duck” Pelosi

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy will withdraw Republican involvement in the Special Committee into the Capitol riots unless Speaker Nancy Pelosi reinstates ALL FIVE of his picks!

“Pelosi has created a sham process,” he told reporters. “We will run our OWN INVESTIGATION. They want to know the answer, the American people deserve that; they don’t want to destroy the institution.”

He accused her of destroying the House by cherry-picking members for the probe, adding that it is “the people’s house, not Pelosi’s house”.

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“Do we have a house n****r in here?!” Alabama Councilman Uses Slur to Refer to Black Colleague! (Explicit Language)

An Alabama councilman has been filmed referring to a Black councilor using the n-word during a public meeting. 76-year-old Tommy Bryant can be heard using it while referring to city councilwoman Veronica Freeman.

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⚡️ US State Department discloses details of Washington-Berlin agreement on Nord Stream 2:

▪️The US and Germany will not tolerate Russia using natural gas as a geopolitical "weapon.”
▪️Germany will develop a series of measures to support and reinforce Europe’s energy market.
▪️Berlin threatens sanctions at the national and EU level, if Russia engages in what Germany deems to be “hostile activities.”
▪️Germany will send 200 million Euros of financial aid to Ukraine to ease Ukrainian energy dependence.
▪️Berlin will invest in a billion-dollar “green new deal” to support Ukraine’s energy security.
▪️US’ goal is to prevent Ukraine from losing any gas-transit revenue.
▪️Germany will assist negotiations for extension of the gas transit agreement with Ukraine.

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What's Your Resume Worth? STEVE JOBS' $200k-CV up for Grabs as NFT!

The PHYSICAL and DIGITAL worlds are set to clash as a London-based entrepreneur is putting a 1973 resume filled out by Steve Jobs up for auction.

The application was for an unknown position at an unknown company, and will be available to buy in physical form or digital (NFT).

The application has been sold several times before and last March it was sold at auction for a whopping $222,400.

JOBSworth indeed! $200K+ for a resume... Isn’t that called a college degree?

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Twitter trials DISLIKE button for “some” iOS users - but ONLY PLATFORM can see results…

A new function to “downvote” messages on Twitter is being trialed for some - the results of which authors CAN’T see - that may allow the platform to engineer what you see on your timeline.

“We're testing this to understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo, so we can work on ways to show more of them,” claimed the official statement.

The internal tool will allow Twitter to effectively take the pulse of public opinion more accurately, although there is no confirmation about how far the rollout will go.

Hidden censor?

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MIGRANT CLAMPDOWN: UK to pay $74MN to French border police – Furious Tories accuse Priti Patel of “throwing good money after bad” (Report)

The money tranche is part of a deal to DOUBLE the number of French officers patrolling the coast until 2022, Home Sec. Priti Patel revealed late on Tuesday.

The announcement came after at least 430 migrants arrived on British shores in small boats on Monday – with the total number for the year to date in excess of 8,000.

Incandescent Tories ordered Patel to GET TOUGH with France and stop being “FOBBED OFF” – a retired Border Force chief told GB News that the MILITARY should be called as the UK is at present simply “running a collection service” in the Channel.

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France UNDER CYBER ATTACK from China-linked hacking organizations? (Report)

France’s cyber-security watchdog has raised the alarm on a series of ongoing attacks against a large number of French organizations allegedly led by the China-linked hacking group, APT31.

The ANSSI is monitoring a large security breach impacting multiple French organizations.

"It appears from our investigations that the threat actor uses a network of compromised home routers as operational relay boxes in order to perform stealth reconnaissance as well as attacks," it added.

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“PINGDEMIC” FOOD CRISIS sweeps UK, supermarket shelves emptying rapidly

The UK is on the verge of severe food supply chain crisis as the NH Track & Trace system has pinged masses of delivery staff - leaving a deficit of about 100k delivery drivers.

Meat industry leaders warn the food supply chain is “right on the edge of failing” thanks to the “needless quarantine” of so many workers.

Latest figures show that half a million more people were asked to self-isolate in the week after 1 July, but case numbers indicate about 1.77mn in total are refusing to do so.

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⚡️ Russia on US-Germany Nord Stream 2 Deal - "Commercial... not political"

The Russian ambassador to the US has responded to the agreement reached between Washington and Berlin on NS2:

▪️The hostile tone of the agreement reached by Germany and the US violates the spirit of the talks between presidents Biden and Putin in Geneva, Switzerland.
▪️ Any threats towards Russia are counterproductive and pointless.
▪️ Russia has always operated above board and has proven to be a reliable partner when it comes to Europe’s energy needs.
▪️ Moscow condemns the practice of unilateral sanctions and rebuffs any accusations that Russia would use energy resources as a geopolitical ‘weapon.’
▪️ Nord Stream 2 is first and foremost a commercial project, which will supply as much energy as European consumers demand.

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Jeff Bezos caps space flight by handing CNNs Van Jones $100MN for “courage and civility” on Earth

Bezos announced a pair of $100MN awards to Van Jones and chef Jose Andres on Tuesday - his new philanthropic initiative to fund leaders who “aim high, pursue solutions with courage, and always do with civility.”

Jones whose Dream Corps works on criminal justice reform, clean energy, and equity in tech shared the stage with Andres who launched World Central Kitchen – to provide emergency food relief for communities around the world.

The recipients will be able to direct the funds to non-profits of their choosing.

Amazon workers will no doubt be stoked by the donations as they dream about having a toilet break.

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“LET IT BURN!” Business Owner who Cheered BLM Rioters Burning Down his Restaurant has New Business ROBBED!

A Minneapolis business owner whose restaurant was reduced to ashes during riots after George Floyd’s death, says his van FULL of supplies for his new establishment across the street was STOLEN.

Ruhel Islam’s first restaurant caught fire during demonstrations last year, with the Bangladeshi migrant going viral in a Facebook post stating, “Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served.”

Islam also reports that $500 was taken from the till, when bandits stole keys to burgle his new establishment.

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Voters Have Last Laugh, Kamala!? Poll shows VP viewed MORE unfavorably than liked

More view Vice Pres. Kamala Harris unfavorably than favorably, according to a recent Politico poll. 47% of registered voters polled had a negative view of Harris in comparison to 45% with a positive one.

The same poll found 52% of respondents had a favorable view of Pres. Biden with 45% polled unfavorable. The VP, perhaps surprisingly, is liked more among men than women out of the 1,997 respondents.

So what’s to blame?

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Deadly Twister Rips through China’s Hebei Province (Report)

A tornado has torn through Qingyuan, in the south of China, ripping the roofs of buildings and leaving two people dead - according to the Global Times.

It’s reported that the twister has disconnected much of Qingyuan’s telecommunications and is causing power and gas outages.

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We know your LOCKDOWN DREAMS! Italian study offers window into sleep...

A newly-released study claims to slip inside the eye of your mind after peering into the mental effects of 90 Italian subjects during the April-May lockdown - even predicting what you dream about.

“The current study provided the first within-subjects longitudinal assessment of dream activity across the pandemic in Italy. Our results […] confirmed that both sleep and dream measures showed critical differences between the lockdown and post-lockdown periods.”

During lockdown, subjects experienced more than DOUBLE the amount of lucid dreams, and were able to recall almost twice as many due to “clinically relevant anxiety and PTSD-related symptoms."

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Biden Tackles QAnon head-on and “gets himself in trouble,” (While Jill is in Alaska)

“The idea that Democrats are hiding people and sucking on the blood of children… this is not who we are.”

Biden added he has faith that Americans will "get to the right place.... by the way, many Republicans are some times in the right place."

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Mars A..WAITS?! Elon Musk Warns EARTH at Brink of COLLAPSE - “Mars Needs Us!”

Elon Musk believes Earth is at the brink of overpopulation and the Doge Coin aficionado plans to send humans to the Red Planet by 2030 with SpaceX to begin the process of populating Mars.

In response to a question posed via Twitter, the billionaire magnate said that overpopulation is one of the biggest threats facing mankind. He also claims that our only chance of survival is to depopulate Earth and start getting frisky on Mars.

The Red (Light) Planet?

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Anti-vaccine Protesters BLASTED with Water Cannon, Tear Gas Outside Greek Parliament!

Police in Athens have broken up an anti-vaxx demonstration outside the capital's parliament, resorting to force with tear gas and water cannon. The protest was in response to the Greek government’s announcement that vaccination against Covid-19 will be made compulsory for some in the country.

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