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❗️RT’s Telegram channel is now called RT Intl - the name may be different, but RT isn’t changing

Have you noticed anything different? We have decided to change the name of our channel to RT Intl – to make it easier for people to find RT when searching in TG.

We have noticed some comments explaining the good people of Telegram have experienced problems finding the RT channel, so we have attempted to address the issue with a small name change.

By changing our name, we have temporarily lost our blue tick as we await the TG team to manually verify us once more.

Stick with us for news and views that are free from censorship... so you can QUESTION MORE!

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Elon Musk’s Wealth Surges to $230bn – Richer Than Gates & Buffet COMBINED

Elon Musk wealth has swelled to an astonishing $230bn as he stretched his lead over Amazon's Jeff Bezos as the richest person in the world, following a share sale at SpaceX as well as the strong performance of Tesla stock.

Bezos had previously held the title as the world's richest person, with a boom at Amazon over the Covid-19 pandemic seeing his net worth climb to $191bn.

Musk is now richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined, both of whom have previously held the title as the world's richest person.

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NORD STREAM 2: First Pipeline is Full of Gas

The operator of the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline said Monday the first of the project’s two lines has been filled with technical gas.

About 177mn cubic meters of technical gas, needed to maintain pressure in the pipeline for future gas sales, has been pumped into the pipeline.

The project has faced resistance from the US, which says the pipeline will increase Europe's reliance on Russian energy. Russia has said that Nord Stream 2, however, could provide relief to the strained European gas market. The pipeline will double Moscow's annual gas export capacity in the Baltic to 110bn cubic meters.

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Dutch Police Clash with Housing Policy Protesters

Violence broke out between police and demonstrators in Rotterdam, Netherlands Monday - after thousands of people turned out to protest the govt’s lack of affordable housing and rising rental prices.

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Facebook predicts RECORD advertising over holiday season despite supply WOES

A global supply chain crisis hitting retailers and outlets hard has not stopped Facebook from still expecting record ads over the holiday season, global business group VP Nicola Mendelsohn told Bloomberg Television.

She explained that the disruptions are “impacting in different ways”, but it is “very much square on for the busiest holiday period of the year and also what is likely to be the biggest online marketing period that we’ve ever seen.”

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Royal RACISM & white privilege curriculum launched at £19k-a-year UK private school

St. Dunstan's College in Catford, UK has decided to start teaching year nine students why there have been no black James Bond characters, no black PMs and how Meghan Markle is treated differently to Kate Middleton.

"We run the risk of an increasingly polarised society where different generations become entrenched in their positions of difference and that cannot be healthy," explained head teacher Nicholas Hewlett.

The school began the course in response to the BLM protests, and will delve into "microagggressions" such as not making efforts to spell and pronounce difficult names, or touching afros.

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Facebook whistleblower testifies before British lawmakers

Sophie Zhang is speaking to British lawmakers Monday regarding Facebook’s role on censorship – coming fresh on the heels of Frances Haugen, who reportedly could make millions if legal action is taken on her whistleblower allegations before US Senate.

Watch Zhang LIVE here: https://youtu.be/uLJta4V-Xjc

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❗️President Miloš Zeman unable to perform any official duties due to “health reasons” – Czech Central Military Hospital

The president’s ill health potentially throws Czech politics into disarray as Zeman was expected to appoint the next PM after a tightly contested election failed to define a clear winner.

Zeman has been known throughout his political career to have close ties with Russia and Vladimir Putin. Political analysts suggest he would have appointed Andrej Babis as the leader of a coalition despite his marginal defeat.

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16k Covid migrants released into the US by ICE “to avoid increasing detained population” (Breitbart report)

According to an alleged Immigration and Customs Enforcement whistleblower, over 16 THOUSAND migrants who tested positive for Covis while under ICE detention were then released into the US unvaccinated.

The source claims the migrants in question were released into various cities across the country between January and October, many to self-quarantine in hotels, because the backlog of Border Patrol referrals was so great.

The numbers do not include the swathes of migrants released stateside without being tested.

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