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Our testing season begins

We are entering the final phase of the Online Casino, which is one of the most important points of our project. At this phase, while completing the necessary test stages, we are starting the test season where you can help us both meet our project and develop our project.

As we announced in our previous announcements for participation, we will invite only our investors who are $ROYAL holders to our testing phase.

We are waiting our community members who have $ROYAL in their wallet and would like to join our testing phase and help us develop our project.

Application link👇

Royal Chain Development Team
Casino Alpha Tests

We have completed the Alpha Test phase,

Alpha testing of Royal Chain Online Casino has been completed. In our test results, we applied the possible scenarios we wanted to test and collected the results in detail. Especially in this test phase, we focused on the compatibility of ROYAL transfer processes (Deposits/Withdrawals) and gambling games with ROYAL and the compatibility of our own software with the system. We examined how the Table games and slot games we developed within Royal Chain Casino and the gambling games we added to Royal Chain Casino from our partners reacted in various scenarios. After the completion of the alpha test phase, we started to work on interpreting the data obtained in the most correct way and making the necessary interventions...

Link to our blog page to examine the test results in more detail👇

⚜️Only our Holders will be able to participate in beta tests
Information about locked ROYAL tokens

The first part of ROYAL tokens, which is locked on vesting contract made over Unicrypt and planned to be opened in different time periods up to 4 years, has been unlocked. 10,213,115,800 ROYAL tokens, which correspond to approximately 5% of the total amount, were unlocked.
We would like to announce that any action that will be taken to use unlocked ROYAL tokens in the development stages of the project and in increasing the market value of ROYAL will be done by clearly informing our community.

Burned: 213,115,800 ROYAL tokens has been burnt on March 18th. (
Next Burn: 1B ROYAL tokens will be burned part by part in the next 1 month, the next burn is on March 28th)
The portion allocated to be added to the BitForex liquidity pool: 2B ROYAL tokens
The portion to be put on the Online Casino Bankroll: 7B ROYAL tokens


Royal Chain DT
Airdrops that are missing due to contract changing before launch have been sent to their owners.
We have sent airdrops to our community members who participated in our airdrop events during the pre-sale period. While airdrops were being made, we announced that we would deliver on March 18th. Today, we are fulfilling our promise to you by giving all our airdrops on time.

Your trust in us is our greatest strength and we will not let your trust in us go

Royal Chain Development Team
We are listed on BitForex!
ROYALUSDT parity was listed in RoadMap earlier than the time we set. Our next goal will be to open our Online Casino, which is the first stage of our Casino, in a way that can only be played with ROYAL in a short time. We are starting our public testing this week and plan to announce our opening soon.
We are working hard to improve Royal Chain and we will continue to grow together with our community.

New news will keep coming, stay tuned!

Royal Chain Development Team
Snapshot for NFT Mint Gifts,

This utility NFT series, which will be used in Online Casino and Metaverse Casino, is equipped with content that will be very demanding in the Casino industry. Dates for the new NFT Mint Gift and surprise events will be announced soon.
You can always make a profit by keeping ROYAL in your wallet.

Follow our social media accounts for detailed information and news.

Royal Chain Development Team
Burn event announcement,

The second of our burn events will be held on March 28. At the end of a 1-year period, 10% of the total supply will be burned.

Our event calendar will be updated again in April and you will be informed about new events. We aim to complete our first year completely full of activities and we have prepared all the necessary plans for this.

You can trade on BitForex or Pcs to get ROYAL

We will continue to grow as a community! Keep following us for detailed information and current news.

Royal Chain Development Team
To get $ROYAL, you can trade on BitForex or Pcs using the links below👇


Special airdrop for our holders!

As part of the launch events of the Online Casino, we would like to give airdrops to our community member holders. With the snapshot to be taken on April 5, 14.00 UTC, we are giving away 5% of the $ROYAL amount in their bags as a gift to our investors who have 5,000,000 or more $ROYAL's in their wallet.
To participate in the airdrop event, you only need to keep 5,000,000 or more $ROYAL in your wallet.

We will continue to move forward with our community towards the goals of the Royal Chain project. We will spend our first year completely full of activities.

Keep following us to get up-to-date and accurate information!

Royal Chain Development Team
2. Our Burn event has been completed,

The second of the regular burn events to be held in the first year of the Roayl Chain project has been completed. The new burn event will be announced soon.
In order to participate in the "Holder Airdrop Event", which will take place in the first week of April, you must have $ROYAL in your wallet.

You can find the details of the Burn process below 👇
Beta testing day has arrived for our Holders!

We are taking the final step before we launch our full version and open our Casino. We are opening the doors of our Casino to our holders. On April 5th, we are going into the Beta testing phase and making our Casino available to our holders. While you are having a good time at the Casino, we will have completed the necessary final checks.
The opening date of the casino will be announced to all users very soon.

Continue to follow Royal Chain Social media accounts for detailed information and up-to-date news.

Royal Chain Development Team
The first phase of our Beta Tests has begun!

Beta testing, the latest testing phase of our Online Casino, opened its doors today for our first group of investors.
At this stage, we will determine the problems that our players may experience in the Casino and test the transactions with ROYAL. In this test phase, where access to all kinds of gambling will be available in a classic online casino, our investors will also have access to a feedback page where they will share the features they want to add to us from this environment. At the end of this period, where we will simulate all kinds of problems that may arise, if things go as planned, we will open our Casino.

For now, we have sent the link links to the first group of 30 participants through the e-mails in the forms they filled out. Other applicants will receive their links in order in the coming days. We aim to complete the testing process with as many people as possible.

Royal Chain Development Team
Snapshots have been taken for our Airdrop campaign, which we will distribute exclusively to our holders. Our aim is to thank our investors who have been with us since the pre-sale period. Our Online Casino, which is one of our first targets, is opening soon. We have planned special events for the opening. Many exciting days await us. In addition, we will share with you the first images of the Metaverse Casino project. You'll find that our progress is impressive and exciting.
Together we will accompany the rise of the Royal Chain

Royal Chain Development Team
Grand Casino Opening Day Has Arrived!
After the completion of the test processes that lasted for almost 1 month, it is now time to open the Casino., where you can play more than 100 gambling games safely and anonymously only with ROYAL, and have fun without worry thanks to its infrastructure made with our luck-based and fair game goals, has been opened to access. It is at the service of all our followers.
Our Hold&Earn Daily system, where our investors will be included and receive the return on their investments, and where you can generate up to 500% annual income, has been activated with our opening. You can get detailed information about Hold&Earn from our social media accounts and
With our grand opening, we complete our foundation phase and continue our progress for our main goal, Metaverse Casino. You can find the first images about our Metaverse Casino on our social media accounts.
Hold&Earn Daily!

Our Hold&Earn system, where our investors will receive a share of the casino income, is active now. With the opening of the casino, we are starting the Hold&Earn period, which is the first phase of the transition to the Casino staking system.

What is Hold&Earn Daily?
It is a system that allows you to earn income from your ROYAL Tokens that you hold daily. It is the transition phase where you will have the opportunity to earn up to 500% annually, claim your ROYALs on a daily basis, and become a partner in Casino revenues. No long-term lockouts are required and you can withdraw your ROYALs at any time. Hold&Earn operates daily and gives ROYAL daily.

How will you participate?
You need to connect your wallet by going to and add your ROYAL tokens to the Stake system. After entering the system, all you have to do is claim your ROYALs daily to your wallet.

For detailed information about the system, you can contact us on our social media accounts.
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First images of Royal Chain Metaverse Casino, As Royal Chain, which uses the technology of the future, we continue to develop our metaverse Casino. The video you are watching is the first content of the project. Changes will occur during the development process.

The images and videos here are shared to inform our investors about our developments. It is completely the first prototype content and will continue to be developed, the content in the image is reserved by the Development Team to use or not to use it in the Casino.

Royal Chain Development Team