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The Christian Veterans United event in Atlanta has been cancelled. Here is a message from the organizer:

"As a result of unforeseen complications due to venue issues, logistics, legal and financial hurdles, and the latest COVID restrictions, we have decided to cut our losses and to cancel the event originally scheduled for September 10th and 11th. We take full responsibility for this unfortunate situation and we sincerely apologize to both our speakers and customers. This was our first rodeo and in our haste to put on an event to honor Christ and our country we did not foresee the number of obstacles we would encounter. We will learn and adapt from these setbacks and come back better. All tickets have already been refunded and will be deposited back to your bank in 3-5 business days."

While I was not the organizer, I was in touch with him and felt sympathy that he was getting the full shutdown treatment. Three venues cancelled on him. He definitely went further than most people would have in trying to hold the event in spite of the difficulties. Because he persisted strongly, and still failed, in light of my efforts and prayers, I see the cancellation as God's will, so I am not upset or angry. It's very interesting that only two years ago I was able to hold 23 events successfully, without a single delay or cancellation. What God ordains, success can be "easy," but without it, it's impossible, and it's better not to fight things when you discern that God has other plans for those involved.

Unfortunately, I will not be coming to Atlanta. The forces of evil will celebrate at their victory, but the truth will not be hidden, because the truth is Jesus Christ, and He is in us. The fight between good and evil will go on.
I was about to order a pair of Levis 512 jeans, which I've worn for many years because they fit me perfectly, but when I went to their web site to place an order, I was bombarded with homosexual imagery. I will try another brand this time.
I'm doing a looong live stream today at 2pm est. Watch on DLive:

Backup stream link:

Recording will be under the DLive "Replay" tab until I upload it to my web site later tonight.
Imagine a husband and wife. Initially, the wife does all of her duties, but soon she gets lazy, and her husband has to ask politely for her to clean and cook. That works for a while until she slacks off again. The husband begins to yell at her. She complies for a while, but later ignores his yelling. The husband becomes enraged and begins to beat his wife with fists. She complies in fear. If someone were to visit the household, and see the husband beating his wife, and her cowering in fear, they may think the husband is "strong," "powerful," and "dominating," yet the opposite is true. He lost control over his household (one could argue he never had control), and unbeknownst to him, the wife is collecting evidence of his wrathful abuse and will divorce him on her terms.

The regime that rules over you is the husband. They look mighty and strong, but they are weaker than you can imagine. If they were confident of their power, they wouldn't have to do this, and would instead rely on bread and circuses to keep us distracted, like they have for much of the past 50 years. Hold firm to your principles and pray to God to defeat this horrendous evil. It's very possible the regime is disintegrating before our eyes, but it's hard to see that when blows are being rained upon us.
I'm going to take a much-needed internet break for the next few weeks. You won't see much out of me during that time. In the meanwhile, visit Roosh V Forum for news, coronavirus updates, Orthodox discussion, memes, etc.
Question: "Why is it that Israel is so forceful with coronavirus vaccines and lockdowns even though the country is composed of Jews, who usually are first to receive worldly benefits?"

Answer: "This is definitely something that makes no sense unless you understand that the vaccine is the precursor to the Mark of the Beast. The Jews will regard the Antichrist as their Messiah, so it makes sense they will be the foremost supporters and promoters of his system. The vaccines therefore must play some role in preparing people to accept the Mark - whether that role is purely psychological in terms of conditioning people, physical in terms of sabotaging their health and forcing them to receive future treatments/vaccines/marks to stay alive, or social in terms of creating the social and governmental infrastructure that will allow for the future deployment and acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. Or perhaps a combination of all three. But if you simply understand that the vaccines are the starting point that will culminate in forcing everyone to take the mark, then everything makes sense. And that's why the Jews are pushing it so heavily: they want everyone to start down the road that end with the entire world taking the Mark of their Antichrist Messiah."

I'm confident that the current attempt by the regime to push vaccine passports will completely fail (at least in the United States), and that may be clear by the end of the year. There's just too much resistance. The country will completely break apart if they continue.

The question we can start to ask is what comes next. Since the vaccine passport (i.e. digital passport) is an essential step for the regime (and Satan), they can't give it up completely. Either they will unveil a "deadlier" variant whose cause is long-term effects of the current coronavirus vaccine, or push another angle of serious societal shocks (cyberpandemic, food shortage, etc), but that may not be enough because 40% of the American population does not believe anything the media and "experts" say. In the meanwhile, the regime will enjoy the sterilizing effects of the vaccine on millions of young women who were tricked into taking it. Be vigilant for what they try next. Whatever it is, it will be fake.