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Rocket - is bot that allow you use crypto currency in social medias. Hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and many other coins in one place.

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Locking update

Now users can lock Bitcoin, Litecoin or Doge and they will be converted to Merge.

Use our new
locking command to get current conversion rate.
Read more about locking:
Forwarded from Rocket
Locking guide
You can convert Bitcoin, Litecoin or Doge to Merge
Current convertion rate:

1️⃣ 0.00001248 BTC for 100 MERGE

2️⃣ 0.0028736 LTC for 100 MERGE

3️⃣ 48.96037662 DOGE for 100 MERGE.

Command Usage

!lock [amount][coin]
Example: lock 0.0028736 LTC

At the conversion rate of 0.0028736 LTC, this would convert to 100 Merge and lock them for use in your account. Minumum locking amount is 100 MERGE.

For full instructions visit:
Tipping to multiple users per command

Command template:
tip [reward] [coin] [users]

Command example:
tip 1 merge @BohdanShamro @DFWplay

You can tip up to 5 users at one time.
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RocketBot's Documentation page has been updated with detailed explanations of the current commands that are available:

A new Coin Listing option is now available for new coins to get listed on RocketBot:
🚀 We are thrilled to announce the listing of Firo on RocketBot! 🚀

Firo (FIRO), formerly known as Zcoin (XZC), is a privacy-first digital currency that enables untraceable transactions. It focuses on keeping your transactions anonymous with the use of Sigma/Lelantus, a next-generation privacy protocol that allows you to burn your coins, hiding them in an anonymity pool of over 65,000 FIRO. The receiver can redeem it from this anonymity pool, which breaks the links from your transaction and all the previous ones it has been through.

Firo is one of the few projects that currently contributes to both independent research and development to blockchain privacy and decentralization technologies.

Learn more at:

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🚀 We are happy to announce the listing of Block-Logic on RocketBot! 🚀

Block-Logic (BLTG) brings a distributed, next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform, based on IPFS Technology. Its Ecosystem is backed by the following core services:

- Block-Protect: A method that allows consumers and businesses to store and retrieve their digital files in a safe, secure and encrypted manner.

- Block-Pay: A method that allows individuals and businesses to pay for goods with our native token (BLTG).

- Block-Purchase: A method for business to easily sell goods online.

Learn more at:
- Web:
- CMC:
- Discord:
- Telegram:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:

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🚀 Today we announce the listing of Québecoin on RocketBot! 🚀

Québecoin is a multi-algorithm open source cryptocurrency based on the X7 protocol. It is highly secure and rated for a 20-second block time. It is not tied to any organization, corporation, central bank or government and is open to all users.

Learn more at:
- Web: <>
- CoinGecko: <>
- GitHub: <>

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🚀 We are pleased to announce the listing of Absolute on RocketBot! 🚀

Absolute is a community of designers and developers that help produce great designs and ideas that their users can customise. Users can create their own products in a way that is special to them.

Absolute is committed to supporting their community by using the “One Protocol”. 10% of any profit they generate is rewarded to the community through a decentralised dividend.

Learn more at:
- About Absolute:
- One Protocol:
- Twitter:
- All Resources:

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