Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a great French impressionist πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨

Renoir's paintings are notable for their vibrant light and saturated color, most often focusing on people in intimate and candid compositions. πŸ’
New rubric #artvibing πŸ–ΌπŸŽ‘

Do you agree how organically robo-art intertwined with paintings by experienced masters?

Guess what painting is ours? πŸ˜‰
This example is easy.
But would be nexts examples easy as well? πŸ€”

Will see!
Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) - one of the most known and recognizable painters. He is famous for his cubism and surrealism works. He also was a sculptor and theatre designer πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ 🎨
Today we had young guests in our studio πŸ‘» We told them about the robot, our paintings, project’s timeline, and even showed them failed experiments! 😱 They also had opportunity to try our robot:

Look at this funny cat created with the robot by a kid

Every place is creative with the robot-artist πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒπŸ€–