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Daydream @smallworldventure. Random notes on #startups, #crypto, #blockchain, #philosophy, and #life. Reflecting on my experiences running #smallworld, #koompi, #selendra, and #vitaminair. Blog
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Congratulations to #Toncoin for reaching a remarkable 106,000+ TPS on their performance test.

Blockchain technology has evolved significantly since Bitcoin's initial release.

Selendra is motivated to put in the effort and play a role in the progress of the industry as a whole.

Selendra doesn't aim to be the fastest network but strives to contribute to enterprise and developer onboarding, fostering interoperability with other networks, and supporting both Wasm and EVM contracts.
Dear my Friend,

In the chapters of life yet to unfold,
Let courage and adventure be your gold. When fear tempts you to stay in the shade, remember, it's in the unknown you're truly made.

Find that one reason to soar on high,
In the face of excuses and doubts, let it fly. Choose the path of wonder, brave and free, and write a story only you're meant to see.

Embrace each moment, with open eyes, adventure awaits beneath the boundless skies. Be fearless, my friend, hear the call, for an adventurous life is the grandest of all.

With determination,

~ Your Friend
Hello, my friend,

Remind yourself each day, in life, the way to true fulfillment often lies in embracing what is challenging, yet noble. Seek not the endless excuses to withdraw, but instead, find the one reason that sets your soul aflame, urging you to ascend to greater heights.

Let this reason be your guiding star, and in the face of doubt and fear, let your inner strength be your shield. In the words of Marcus Aurelius, "You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

So, my dear, follow the wisdom of the ancients and tread the path of courage and adventure. For it is in these bold pursuits that you shall uncover the true essence of life.

Aim to be a knowledge artist.

A tool in your toolbox; individually, a tool will do little, but once you learn to use them in combination, you can become an artist. The same applies to using open-source tools to learn, find pleasure, or accomplish serious work.
We require as much luck as hard work, and it's painfully true that some deny this reality.

While there are countless lazy people out there, that's beside the point.

Many intelligent and hardworking individuals struggle to make a living.

So, in addition to our God-given talents and hard work, we also need a few lucky breaks in life to achieve our dreams.

The fact is that luck is learnable. It stems from our mindset and the ability to recognize patterns in life.
Reflect with gratitude on the life you've been granted and the remarkable people you have the privilege to work alongside. From your dedicated operating and development teams to the generous supporters of your endeavors, cherish these partnerships.

Find solace in the opportunity to retreat to the embrace of nature, a sanctuary that offers solace throughout the changing seasons. In this haven, you are free from the relentless pursuit of livelihood, and you can bask in the tranquility of retirement.

Understand that genuine wealth extends beyond material possessions. It is an abundance of time, the freedom to explore, and the liberty to contemplate. This true wealth doesn't rely on the accumulation of monetary riches, and you can be grateful that your path doesn't entwine with the pursuit of material gain.

Realize that your life is shaped by the choices you make and the games you decide to play. In the game you've chosen, resolve never to stop playing until the very end, when you lie horizontally, your spirit at peace.

Taking into account that this week, you cherish the duo time spent with your brothers, a rare moment of brotherhood when each has grown into adulthood.
37 Earth Year

I want to initiate this reflection with my deepest gratitude. I extend my thanks to my family, friends, and colleagues who have graced my birthday with warm wishes. Their kindness serves as a moving reminder of the unique journey we've undertaken together. This path intertwines with family, dear friends, colleagues, mentors, and backers who have now become cherished friends. This collective tapestry weaves the richness of my life.

Today isn't the day of my birth; that happened a long time ago. It's merely a reminder of the day I was born. Instead of just happiness, this day reminds me of the monumental effort my parents put into bringing me into this world. Not just on the day of my birth but every day since, they've dedicated their lives to mine and my siblings. Their unshakeable commitment is, without a doubt, the most significant labor of their lifetime.

Today also serves as a reminder that many of us who have surpassed the age of 33 have outlived remarkable individuals in history, such as Jesus Chris, Bruce Lee, Alexander the Great, and many more. It's not a matter of comparison, but an acknowledgment of our capacity to navigate life's uncertainties and challenges. However, I must acknowledge that while their lives may have been shorter than ours, they radiated greater density, intensity, and significance.

This reflection underscores the importance of living a meaningful life, not merely existing. Let us draw inspiration from the courage and impact of their lives. Let also be reminded that nothing is ever lasting, so draw the inspiration to live the life we want to live, not merely wanting to leave a mark or legacy on Earth. Let the universe leave the marks, and you live through those remarkable marks. Live life with less ego, as much as possible.

Today, I marked 37 Earth years and 1 day of existence, a journey consisting of countless hours, minutes, and seconds. The odds of survival have been against me and many of us who were born in the '80s, particularly when compared to babies born in today's world. I could have faced peril from the simplest of circumstances, and during my childhood and youth, I witnessed the untimely passing of many friends due to various causes. Despite these challenges, luck has stood by my side. For this, I am profoundly grateful.

Life is a continuous journey, marked by a beginning and an end of ones' existence. What truly matters is the space between these two fixed points. In recent years, I aspire to lead a life of density, inspired and guided by the great individuals of history, while also embracing the secrets of longevity and happiness found in those blue zones. This is not a mere wish but a quest for balance.

I desire a life filled with happiness, as well as the understanding and acceptance of sorrow and pains, meaningful work, and the preservation of profound relationships and friendships with individuals who share a purposeful outlook. Through this, I can continue to learn and walk alongside the living inspirations of our time.

Advice to my future self; life is a fleeting journey, composed of fragile yet precious moments. I urge you to cherish each day and the relationships that have shaped your world. Be reminded by Marcus Aurelius to be good despite evil actions upon you. Begin each day knowing that you will encounter interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness. Respond with understanding, for they are ignorant of what is truly good or evil.

Strive to emulate the density and intensity of the great individuals who preceded us, leaving fond memories for the next generations. Simultaneously, embrace the wisdom of those who have thrived in the blue zones; stay active, stay in love, dance and sing in dark storms or blue sky days, alone or with others. Welcome both good and evil into your life, for they render your life meaningful, and through them, your life brims with experience. Recognize the interconnectedness of longevity and happiness.
Discover the equilibrium that enables you to lead a life of happiness, engage in meaningful work, and nurture profound relationships. Treasure every moment and strive to experience life and create memories where possible.

Continue to learn, grow, and walk alongside those who fuel your inspiration. As you peer into the future, remember the words of Marcus Aurelius: "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts." Stay focused on positivity and purpose, and navigate the evolving journey with grace and fulfillment.

With these reflections and aspirations, I eagerly look forward to the next chapters ahead.
A warrior must only take care
that his spirit is never broken.
– Shissai
Why do people in poverty often end up making more misguided choices?

A more fitting question might be, "Why do individuals in dire circumstances often find themselves making more misguided choices?"

Contrary to the notion that poverty is solely the result of habitual poor choices, and affluence arises from consistently making wise ones, such a perspective oversimplifies the matter. It implies that the affluent possess a kind of magical touch, turning everything into gold, while the impoverished face the opposite fate.

However, the reality is different. It's the experience of desperation that propels individuals to make misguided choices. Placing a wealthy person in a desperate situation, unaccustomed to resilience, would likely lead to desperate choices and unfavorable outcomes.

The core issue lies in steering clear of desperate situations and nurturing the ability to confront desperation with equanimity. Embracing the notion that one doesn't truly belong to anything, and nothing is overly crucial except for the conscious experience of life, contributes to heightened resilience during trying times. This, in turn, leads to wiser decisions and more positive outcomes.

Express gratitude for the things we have and the blessings that enter our lives, while maintaining calm acceptance when they depart. This approach minimizes the likelihood of finding oneself in desperate situations. Consider everything as part of life's challenges, like a game played without anticipating overly serious outcomes.

These reflections were inspired by a recent conversation with a dear friend.
Since 2018, we began on a journey to create a digital school platform, now known as Weteka.

Recently, Weteka collaborated with MoEYS to launch SalaDigital. Currently, we have uploaded 600+ book titles, hundreds of schools created by users, and have 2,600+ users, including both students and teachers. While the data is still somewhat messy, we are actively working to organize it as we progress.

Due to the nature of this partnership, we anticipate a significant influx of users in the upcoming school year of 2024, primarily high school and junior high school students. In response, the Weteka Team is developing a Digital ID that combines OAuth2-based Single Sign-On (SSO) with Selendra-based Web3 authentication. This will enable accounts created on Weteka to serve as wallets, holding digital assets across both web2 and web3.

We are excited about the possibility of introducing these users to the web3 environment from their early day, without the need to understand the intricacies of Blockchain, similar to how people use social media today without necessarily comprehending the workings of the Internet.

Of course, we still hope that some users will delve deeper to comprehend what lies behind the scenes. When they do, we aim to have resources readily available for them to educate themselves. Our aspiration is for some of them to become researchers, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and explorers—a continuation of KOOMPI's core mission from its inception to the future.

Look forward to see what lie ahead of this venture!
Once, when I was living at a pagoda, my mentor told me something I didn't fully understand at the time. I'm beginning to grasp it now and will observe more.

He said; "The best things in life come free of charge. Let your desires find you. Embrace patience but be in the right place at the right time."

Think about it—the best freebies: Your life, no price tag. You didn't buy it, and you couldn't if you tried. Air, too. You don't purchase air; you simply breathe. Other things, like money, are hustle-worthy but not as priceless as life and air. Work hard, sure, but don't miss the patterns, or you'll never sync up with the right moment.

Often, what feels right might be at the wrong time and place. Patience can flip that script. Check your position—knocking on a wall or a door. If it feels like a door, keep knocking; otherwise, you're stuck.

So, chill out. Do your thing, but keep questioning and listen for the real talk, not just what you want to hear.

Free things? Once they're yours, they're yours for life. Life and the air you breathe—they're gifts, whether you acknowledge them or not.
We are children of our universe, our lives but a blink in its eye. Encouraged to play, for all children are born to play. Yet, we've forged a social structure fueled by the desire for longevity, driven by the fear of failure and the dread of exposing vulnerability to the judgment of others. In this confusion, we grapple with the ultimate judgment—death, a fundamental construct of life.
Remind Yourself This Truth:
"The universe is under no obligation to make sense to me." Accept the inevitability of the unpredictable. Life's complexities unfold beyond my command. Let this understanding guide my path, acknowledging that, like the cosmos, I too am a part of a grander design.
You don't have to choose between the person you were and the person you are now. Duty and joy go hand in hand. Duty is there so you can continue to pursue your happiness, and joy is there so that you have something real to fight for.
One cannot have all the lives one desires; a choice is necessary.

Fear only arises from what one does not understand.
444 Months Old

November 2023 marks the completion of 444 months of living on Earth, equivalent to 37 Earth years. For the first time in a long while, I genuinely feel good about living.

Entering my 30s, life took on an odd hue. I was still myself, but some parts felt less authentic. Convincing myself to feel good became a daily task. It seemed normal, yet I remembered a time when it wasn't necessary.

Relying on medication became a routine to ensure my well-being and ability to navigate life's travels. Impatience grew, making even minor inconveniences unbearable. Waiting in line or traffic, especially at traffic lights, became increasingly challenging.

Frequent illnesses and mental blockages emerged. While not physically disabled, my mind perceived numerous things as threats, triggering a survival mode rooted in ancient times. This mode, designed for fleeing predators under rocks, seemed out of place in our current era.

In 2020, seizing an opportunity, I ventured into the jungle, residing next to trees, mountains, and rocks. Fortunately, a few years earlier, we had purchased land in proximity to the mountains. Perhaps guided by my higher self, the purchase served as a refuge during challenging times.

These experiences, coupled with the interconnectedness of nature and the support from my family and teammates, facilitated my rediscovery. Although not a return to the old me, I found a renewed sense of self, distinct from my understanding before 2020.

Life's events unfolded for a reason, as with buying the land, falling ill, and retreating to nature. Mental blockages, anxiety, and past traumas provided insights into the struggles of others, deepening my compassion.

Nature, connections with others, and meditation became sources of healing. Prioritizing life experiences over material possessions became a guiding principle. While I welcome what comes my way, acknowledging that voluntary acceptance is part of life's experiences, I recognize materials as tools to expedite tasks. Their departure doesn't sadden me; the enduring self remains.

Gratitude fills me for life's brutal yet enlightening experiences. These challenges expanded my understanding of suffering and deepened my compassion, teaching me equanimity.

Next November, as I approach my completion of 456 months or the equivalent of my 38th Earth year, I draw upon the experiences of the past years marked by shifts, healing, and self-discovery. Nature, loved ones, and meditation have played pivotal roles, contributing to a renewed understanding of self. I will continue refining this.

Choosing experiences over possessions shall continue to guide my path. Valuing tools and resources, I recognize their transient nature without overshadowing the enduring self. Life's twists, whether chosen or unexpected, contribute to a sense of balance.

Gratitude persists for tough yet enlightening experiences, fostering growth in compassion and connection to the broader human narrative. Moving forward, each step in life's unfolding journey is appreciated, weaving into the vibrant tapestry of my existence.
Notes to Thyself pinned «444 Months Old November 2023 marks the completion of 444 months of living on Earth, equivalent to 37 Earth years. For the first time in a long while, I genuinely feel good about living. Entering my 30s, life took on an odd hue. I was still myself, but some…»

May I choose to leave the past behind,
That I may perceive the future with clarity.

May my actions be true to my thoughts,
That the knower be not separate from the known.

May I recognize that which opens possibility in my life,
That I may turn my attention towards
That which gives good results
And away from that which gives me bad results.

May I choose to let in that which arises spontaneously,
That I may explore the unique creativity that is
A reflexive response to the present conditions
Unfocused of past or present
Ambition, purpose, or motive.

May I choose to invite good thoughts into my life,
By focusing on possibilities for them to explore
So that I gently steer them in towards favorable destinations
And to allow them to surprise and delight me with destinations unknown.

May I choose to discover and accept who I am,
Not who I would like to be.
In nature's art, a body forms,
A masterpiece, where life transforms.

A machine of marvel, world's design,
Advanced, complex, a wonder divine.

A creator within, in every cell,
Turning all to clones, a dance so swell.

Celebrate this vessel, diverse and free,
In every shape and form, let it be.

Yet, neglect may turn its grace to dust,
Transform with care, in wellness, trust.

Stretch and exercise, let spirits soar,
Meditate, find peace at the core.

In slumber's tender hold, renewal find,
Nourish with sustenance, body and mind.

Breathe in the essence, life's rhythmic song,
For in this body, we truly belong.