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Freedom from the virus hoax. Covid only exists on TV, & in The jab, which is a bio weapon, to implement the New World Order, depopulation agenda. RiseUp & stand in Truth & Love. God save Ireland 🇮🇪
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Patriots are outside Leo Varadkars house now, calling all patriots to gather now & demand accountability, for genocide in Ireland 🇮🇪

RiseUp Éireann

Worldwide grassroots movements are always infiltrated. People are joining to sabotage from the inside, spreading rumours & unthruths, to turn everyone against their own. It’s happening with RiseUp Éireann since the big rally in Dublin in February’21. As the movement grows, so does controlled opposition.

Covid Ireland, where the vibes are low, & delusions are high! Loose your business/ job because the self elect government shut down the economy because of the flu, this is where you go 😂 unemployment rates are sky high, and just in case that’s not depressing enough, que here for help #doleoffice 😂

We have come full circle again, back to no papers no entry, ppl believe the world is flat, & there’s a witch hunt to be burnt at the stake. Not much changes really, ppl are still motivated by lies.

RiseUp Éireann

Gather at the NUIG exhibition of "reflections on covid" or more accurately wall of shame at pm this Saturday.

Time to stand up for the students that have been vilified by their own university for doing what students do and having a night out.

Let's send a message loud and clear. Students have NOTHING to be ashamed of and certainly don't have to atone for "covid guilt"

Calling on students and staff to speak out about this.

RiseUp Éireann

Forwarded from BREAK THE CODE Channel
Protest next Wednesday 29th September 2021

2pm at Australian Embassy
49 Stephen Green, Dublin 2

In solidarity with our Australian Brothers & Sisters

Against the Global Tyranny imposing Forced Vaccinations & Medical Apartheid on Healthy People

Be There, Bring Banners, Whistles
& Spread the Word!

#EveryDay #Australia #NoMedicalApartheid

Unity in action.

RiseUp Éireann

RiseUp, united & peacefully.
Falling for Divide, will only lead to conquer. Some will never learn, that Love is the highest vibration.

I really don’t own a muzzle 😷😂

People join movements only to cause a divide, spread rumours, untruths & lies, gossip spreads and breaks the community up from the inside out.

Understand what controlled opposition does.

Every grass roots movement will be infiltrated & sabotaged. The infiltration will endeavour to lead the movement, and get rid of core group members by creating situations to turn people against each other. When the community fall out, the infiltration step in & take over. It’s controlled opposition then, and give ppl a false sense of resistance.

Textbook psy opp.

Don’t be deceived by the masters of deception.

Walk away from anything that’s not in alignment.

The toe rags are hard at work to break up the movement now.

Unity is our only strength, but without it there’s a weak divided community, easy to manipulate.

RiseUp Éireann