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Freedom from the fake virus hoax. Covid has never been isolated or photographed. The jab is a bio weapon, to implement the New World Order, depopulation agenda. RiseUp & stand in Truth & Love. God save Ireland 🇮🇪
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New Earth tickets can be purchased on the website 👉🏽 newearth.ie

On Eventbrite 👉🏽 https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/312519994717

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New Earth 26-28 August’22 • Athlone • Ireland 🇮🇪
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🇮🇪Prime Minister of Ireland here - beyond shocking
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Not long until New Earth Tribal gathering, have you booked your space? 🌟👉🏽 newearth.ie

This is the map of the mass grave sites were each unit of the British Army and Royal Marines occupied in Ireland. The Jews ordered the British to send the Royal Navy, Marine Corps, and Army to occupy every portion of Ireland to steal Irelands food in order to genocide the Irish People it wasn't a Potato Famine the British launched a Genocide against the Irish people. Resulting in the deaths of 4 million Irish People and the mass exodus of 2 million Irish. This map us from the book Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it "Perfect."

records and accounts of retired British soldiers and officers confessing to these atrocities they were forced to commit against the Irish people. https://www.amazon.com/Ireland-1845-1850-Perfect-Holocaust-Perfect/dp/0989610616
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Build New Earth, get involved, email info@newearth.ie


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RiseUp Éireann pinned Deleted message
Forwarded from New Earth
Forwarded from New Earth
New Earth has just begun building, on a 30+ acres farm in the sacred heartland of Éireann. Building has commenced, & renovations are continuing on the large site, where there is a massive ten room house that we have occupied. The Tribe, Jah warriors, the 144, are invited to get involved, & build New Earth. We must grow food, on a mass scale, like our lives depends on it, because it does!

To fundraise for the New Earth project to grow & develop, we are hosting New Earth Tribal Gathering, on the land, to celebrate in community, le craic agas ceóil, 26-28 August’22 & all are welcome, let’s celebrate our new beginnings, graciously gifted by God.

Volunteers & donations are welcome, to grow New Earth, and create a Cultural eco centre, & bio diversity, creative hub, with a forest school for the children. We need your help to make this project work & grow successfully, to pay the rent, and fix up the house onsite, as many repairs are needed, like fixing broken windows, & doors, & mending the roof etc. We are on a extremely large site with endless possibilities. We are welcome to stay here by the landlord, to develop & build New Earth. Does this sound good to you? Then Get involved ❤️👉🏽 newearth.ie
Email; info@newearth.ie

Donate here 👉🏽 https://square.link/u/D6DdI9vr

Grá mór agas míle maith agat diaobh go léir.


New Earth is an independent Conscious,Creative Arts Collective, no state funding is applied for.

New Earth is a grassroots project, created by independent Artists, Musicians, Holistic Practitioners, & skilled creative community.

Get involved in many ways,
Contact us,
Donations are welcome,
to build New Earth,
With Gratitude 🙏🏽❤️

Thanks to all the community contacting New Earth, we are inundated with messages, & will reply to everyone. Thank you to all who have donated so far. Please contact New Earth directly to donate; info@newearth.ie

Apply to get involved by filling out the contact form 👉🏽




RiseUp Éireann pinned «New Earth has just begun building, on a 30+ acres farm in the sacred heartland of Éireann. Building has commenced, & renovations are continuing on the large site, where there is a massive ten room house that we have occupied. The Tribe, Jah warriors, the 144…»
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Garda intimation trying to stop New Earth, the line up being contacted again by Anfita, like last year, calling us a political group of fascists. They must not like Tribal Gatherings? Nothing can stop us…
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We are so excited, are you?
1 week until New Earth Tribal Gathering • 26-28 August’22 • Book tickets now 🌟👉🏽 newearth.ie

Birthing person 😂 poor mammys! Men will never know what birth feels like. Never. 😂
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We are shifting to better timelines, we just have to believe…

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Welcome to New Earth… a message from Shakti…