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Action alert 🔥 Submit to Welsh Govt ‘DIY’ abortion consultation

Do it now with this easy-to-use tool. The consultation closes at 11:59pm tomorrow night (23 February 2021).

Time is running out 🔥 Submit to the UK Govt's ‘DIY’ abortion consultation before it closes at 11:59pm tomorrow night.

Help stop dangerous 'DIY' abortions from becoming permanently available by making your submission using the easy-to-use tool on our website.

The CQC has found evidence of blanket 'do not resuscitate' orders imposed in some English care homes 😤

"It is worrying that 119 (6%) of the 2,048 adult social care services that responded to our information request felt that people in their care had been subject to blanket DNACPR decisions, at any time since 17 March 2020."

MPs in Malawi have rejected a bill to introduce abortion up to birth 🎉

In late February, the Guardian reported that “Pro-choice campaigners believe almost half of the 193 MPs in the national assembly back the bill”.

When the proposals were brought before the National Assembly on 11th March, opposition was so strong to the Bill, that MPs voted down a motion to even discuss proposals to change abortion laws in the region.