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The current rainy season has presented some unusual challenges, with flooding dams and landslide damage impacting thousands of local community members around the Eburu Forest.
* 5,000 community members in the Ndabibii area to the south are cut off from water
* over 70 homes have suffered flooding damage caused by damage to the Ndabibi Dam
* 250 water pipes destroyed delivering water to the Kahuho area, affecting 500 households and 2 schools
* water has been cut off to approx. 3,800 people in Ole Sirwa and 10,000 people in Tangi Moja zones

Rhino Ark is working with the relevant local authorities to assess the damage in full and determine the requirements for the repair of these critical water infrastructures.

To learn more about their areas of work, kindly visit www.rhinoark.org

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In 2018, Team Moto Moto, Car 34, won the Garmin Award but their most memorable moment comes from the 2017 charge!

Where they managed to “complete approx. 3.5kms in 9.5 hours having tackled the Mother of all ravines! We broke our Rear Diff, Front and Rear Winches. We were stuck on a 45-degree slope, the car took us an additional 6 hrs and 3 other vehicles to recover the next day! 3 crew members suffered heatstroke, 1 almost lost a leg to a falling boulder and the resident black mamba that slithered by us at 4.00 pm elicited ZERO reaction from the whole crew”

They have completed all Guard Posts 3 times and will be looking to complete the next course!

#ConservationHeroes #RhinoCharge2020 #KnowTheTeams
The very first Virtual Rhino Charge took place for Peponi Year 8s just before they got their common entrance results! They enjoyed creating their teams and drawing their cars. In just half an hour they managed to plot the Guard Posts (Control Points) and draw their intended routes. One of the teams was only 250meters off the shortest feasible route! Well done!

The teams also had some time to learn about the contribution the Rhino Charge makes to Rhino Ark from the Executive Director.

It was great fun all round.

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The familiar yellow and green Gumtree 4x4 Land Rover, Car No. 9 , has taken part in 22 Charges! The Land Rover V8 was first used in the UK back in 1997, and since 1999 it has been challenged year-on-year at the #RhinoCharge.

Back in 2016, they won the Most Meritorious Entry Award for driving into a bees nest in a lugga early on in the Charge! Each team member came away with several stings and one even had a ride in the helicopter, sadly though the bees finished their Charge. This team then went on to help many other teams throughout the day!

Image Credits: Car No. 9

#RhinoCharge2020 #ConservationHeroes
The 60,000-hectare South Western Mau Forest ecosystem is a rich habitat for wildlife. However, its borders with adjacent community lands are porous, leaving it vulnerable to illegal activities such as hunting and bush meat poaching. Snaring of wildlife is a reality of this forest and requires constant action.

Thomas is very proud of the work they are doing, and personally making a difference – this year, he has participated in removing over 20 snares, and destruction of 6 illegal charcoal kilns. In the process, he is also learning about, and mapping, interesting features of the forest, such as waterfalls and natural caves.

To support these vital patrol teams and the conservation work that Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust does please visit www.rhinoark.org and donate today.

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The Charging Hippos, Car 25, are ready to charge! Their most memorable #RhinoCharge moment was finishing the charge for the first time in 2016 and winning the Spirit of the Charge award! They will be back with their modified Ranger Rover V8 and are looking for a top 10 finish this year! Good luck! 😀

#RhinoCharge2020 #ConservationHeroes Car 25 Charging Hippo's
Built around the Aberdare Forest, Mau Eburu Forest and Mt. Kenya Rhino Ark's fences help protect the mountain forests that are known as the water towers of Kenya. These electric fences must be powered continuously and require daily maintenance.

Every section of fence (4 km) is looked after by a dedicated fence attendant. In total, there are 166 fence attendants and 10 fence supervisors working on the Rhino Ark fence, supported by a fleet of eight 4x4 vehicles. As such fence maintenance costs around KES 80,000 per kilometre per year.

To learn more about the work of Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust please visit www.rhinoark.org

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Rhino Ark needs your help. Donate to one of the Rhino Charge competition teams and you are doing just that.

Get involved http://rhinocharge.co.ke/rhino-charge-donations/

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Team Lordship Africa, Car 53, has completed 7 #RhinoCharge’s to date raising over KES 8M and we look forward to seeing them back for Charge #8.

In 2019, they had a close shave when the car almost toppled over while descending a canyon. The whole team jumped off the vehicle and scampered into the bush leaving the driver to control the car…

Let’s hope there aren’t that many canyons at the next venue 😊

#ConservationHeroes #RhinoCharge2020

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Tonight Off Road Worldwide are focusing on the Unmodified cars that take part in the #RhinoCharge ! Car 35 , The Hog Charge Team will be featured. Join us at 9pm EAT (7pm UK time) and find out how they do it!


#ConservationHeroes #Offroad #ORW #Unmodified4x4
"Our first Charge was hard to beat - a succession of things breaking and a crazy solution found each time until the truck was held together with tape, cable ties, spanners, sticks and reduced to 1 wheel drive. Parking it up was a relief."

We are sure a number of the #RhinoCharge teams can relate to what Team Aussie Rules, Car 63 experienced at their first charge.

Team Aussie Rules, with their 1976 Land Rover 1010, have taken part in 7 charges to date and we look forward to seeing them take part in the #RhinoCharge again soon.

#ConservationHeroes #KnowTheTeams

Image Credits: Benjamin Kihuria

The next Charge will be Team Chomz' (Car 14) and their trusty Range Rover 14th #RhinoCharge! Over the years they have raised KES 15,922,000 for Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust and protecting Kenya’s water towers and ecosystems.

The charge isn’t just about the 4x4 cars but also about bringing people together. One member of Team Chomz met their future wife at the Slater & Whittaker guard post 3 years ago 🥰 #feelingthelove

“When we drove into the starting guard post 3 years ago at Slater, my eyes latched onto my future wife who was there with the guard post crew. My words to the team as we approached were "We are completing today and coming back to Slater" and of course the responses I shall keep to myself as they are too rude to quote. But in spite of all the difficulties and hurdles of that charge, we did finish and end up at Slater, and I am a happily married man today.”

#RhinoCharge2020 #ConservationHeroes
Tonight on Off Road Worldwide hear from The Smiling Shenzies (Car 22).
Join us at 9pm EAT (7pm UK time) and check our their preparation for the event!


#ConservationHeroes #Offroad #ORW

2019’s reigning champions are back and hungrily looking for hat-trick… This will take the number of wins for Car 48 - Rhino Charge 2020 to 6, can they do it again???

For those of us who have come across Team 48, you will know they have an extensive entourage of blue and yellow t-shirts made up of wives, children, parents and staff! Proving that the Charge is not just about the car and team members but the entire extended support team.

This will be their 16th #RhinoCharge and we are looking forward to seeing them tackle the #RhinoCharge2020 course!

#RhinoCharge2020 #ConservationHeroes
It is with a very heavy heart that we can confirm, for the first time since it all began in 1989, the 2020 October Rhino Charge has been cancelled.

While the cancellation of the 2020 Charge is a massive disappointment to us and all who had hoped to take part, the health and safety of the competitors, supporters, officials and local communities amid this global crisis is paramount.

The next Rhino Charge will now be held on Sunday, 30th May 2021.

We are currently working hard on the 2021 Rules and Regulations and will communicate the entry process and partnership opportunities in the coming weeks.

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from our supporters to make this event happen, and appreciation to those that have already submitted funds to Rhino Ark – these contributions are vital to ensuring the continuation of the valuable projects Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust carries out.

Read the full announcement using the link below: http://rhinocharge.co.ke/news/rhino-charge-2020-cancelled/
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