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Forwarded from The Event (Tara Pilling)
Make it a great day!

Love Tara 💕💪🏽
Forwarded from The Event (Alfa Warrior)
Catch Event Co-Host Mike Winner on this special video as he takes his son on an Orgonite gifting adventure this week!

What is orgone?
Orgone Energy permeates everything in the universe. It’s been referred to as chi, prana, scalar energy, etheric energy, and even zero-point energy. In short, it’s the universal life force that runs all throughout this realm.

And – it’s energy that has largely been disrupted – by cell towers, power plants, and other unnatural, electromagnetic fields.

What is orgonite?
Orgonite is a composite of resin, metal, and quartz crystal. The devices can be shaped like a puck, a pyramid – or in Mike’s case – a pipe.

The pipe’s purpose is to be buried in the ground, where it can tap into the Earth’s energy grid. Once buried, the pipe converts and reorganizes the energy flow back to its original and natural state – before it was manipulated by cell towers and their giant, in-ground cables.

At scale, these simple, inexpensive devices can "bust" trillions-of-dollars-worth of EMF infrastructure. All we have to do is put our intention towards providing these devices as gifts to the Earth – so that the Earth may start to heal, and in turn, start to heal us.
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic
It's not too late to join Mike Winner and friends next weekend in Fillmore, CA for this wonderful event celebrating independent thought and food sovereignty.

Kids 15 and under NOW FREE! Use the coupon code MIKE20 for $20 off admission.
Forwarded from The Event (Alfa Warrior)
Grow Fruit Like A Winner!

Learn how to plant a fruit tree like a winner (specifically – like Mike Winner, Event co-host and co-founder of Alfa Vedic and QORTAL).

Watch below as Mike kicks off his shoes and gets to work in his food forest. He’ll showcase some unconventional tips (like quantum charging your rootstock before planting), and explain why fruit trees might actually be better than gold.
Forwarded from MUSIC & SKY
Hey beautiful sovereigns!! We hope you can join us for this special fundraising SoCal Freedom event Memorial Day weekend! Proceeds are going to help fund the epic desert location for our official Fall Music and Sky Festival! Tier 1 tickets go on sale March 20th.
Forwarded from InnerVerse ⚡️
InnerVerse Premiere! ⚡️ TODAY at 3:00 PM CST

Mike Winner is the host of the legendary Alfa Cast along with Dr. Barre Lando. From the remote shores of the Smith River in the rural Pacific Northwest, Mike and Barre are cultivating a biodynamic ecosystem, creating online events and offline gatherings, bringing together the knowledge to build a better society, and the right people to utilize it.

In the Plus+ Extension we discuss the Music & Sky Festival, 90's rave culture, the spiritual analogue to technological advancements, cannabis lessons, crypto and the Qortal Project, privacy & sovereignty, and a lot more.

Rokfin (Extended Show):
Youtube (Free Hour):
Patreon Link (Unlocks at 3:00 PM CST):
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic

Join us Thursday at 10am PT for Alfacast w/ peaceful parenting & unschooling ambassador Dayna Martin!

We'll discuss how children learn best, the emotional importance of the philosophy behind learning the unschooling way, and why rescuing our children from the Public Indoctrination System could very well be the most important issue of our time.

As advocates and practitioners of Dayna's methods, the Alfacast crew will have much to add to the discussion. The change we all desire will only be possible, when parents once again assume the sacred responsibility for safeguarding the hearts and minds of our most precious commodity.

Full show info & links:
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic
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The birdies love it!! ❤️🦜 #orgonite #orgone
Forwarded from The Event (Josh del Sol)
😆🤣 Sometimes you just have to laugh. Feel, laugh, yell, cry, hold someone, connect with the other old souls. And sometimes that's what it feels like what it is... old souls (we, who have seen too much of the game before and learned enough to prevent us falling for it this time)... and young souls.

God, our loving Source, bless the young ones...

If you haven't done this yet, I want to invite you to connect with other old souls, and feel, and let go, by experiencing the replay of last Sunday's lifechanging livestream with Xavier Dagba, HERE.

Josh ☀️🧡
Forwarded from MUSIC & SKY
Anna Bliss is back after her memorable 2020 Music and Sky workshop on Quantum Healing Hypnosis.
We are excited to have her bring her sound bath collective along with a cacao ceremony, fire Prayerformance, as well as other guided healing experiences.  
For further information & tickets:
Forwarded from MUSIC & SKY
Erik Casano, Wellness Coach and founder of Aquarian Alchemy who specializes in conscious connected breathing and emotional trauma release, will be joining us next month for our Music & Sky ~ SoCal Freedom Gathering!

He studied with DP Mahesh in Haidakhan, India where he became certified in 5-Element Breathwork.
Erik teaches clients to find happiness and strength by reconnecting to their breath and the elements of the Earth.

Erik will be teaching his Holotropic Breathwork Class and also sharing with us his Guide to Lucid Dreaming! 🌠

We are very much looking forward to diving deep and exploring inner worlds with Erik at our Wellness & Healing Gathering! 🙏

Tickets on Sale:
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic
NorCal peeps! Please join us this upcoming Sunday for a family-friendly freedom picnic in Fortuna, CA! Our own Mike Winner along with friend @edithubuntu will be speaking and there will be a ton of fun activities for children and adults alike! This is a free event! Come one come all!
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic
👉Who's coming to the Memorial Day Music and Sky desert retreat!??

🌼Gearing up to be an amazing weekend of sunshine, healing and amazing networking. 🌞

Some tix still avail!
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic
Well it is finally coming! Part 1 of the Alfa Vedic documentary series on Ickonic is premiering July 2nd! Official trailer coming soon!
Forwarded from Alfa Vedic
This Thursday on Alfacast, Jason Breshears of Archaix imports his vast knowledge of the occult, hidden historical cycles & profound mysteries LIVE at 10am PT. This is one you will not want to miss!

We'll discuss the Pre-Flood World, and how it foreshadows coming events, the Zodiac as an Apocalypse Decoder and prophetic information from ancient texts ... and that's just for starters! #simulationtheory #resets #holographicuniverse

Full show info and links 👉
Forwarded from MUSIC & SKY
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Music and Sky Gathering 2022 ~ By Eric Montross 🙏

Let us know what your highlights were in the comments below!
Also, expect a newsletter in your inbox this week, we have much exciting news to share with the Fam 💗
Forwarded from MUSIC & SKY
Who’s ready to collaborate & create with us this October at our all ages family gathering?!

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, early bird tickets go on sale this week!