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[Rebranding of VIM logo to communicate our Values better​]

Happy to share that we recently concluded a logo rebranding for VIM (Value Investing Mentorshipβ„’), our investment course, to better communicate our values.

The main 3 updates are as follows:

1. Font type to evoke a feeling of kindness, genuine and friendly

VIM/Value Investing Mentorship is an investment education company that wants to differentiate itself by being kind, genuine, and friendly in educating our students on how to analyze and invest in publicly listed stocks.

2. The arrow in β€œI” stands for Growth

The arrow in β€œI” stands for Growth through learning. And the emphasis on that being in the word β€œI” also reflects the high-touch nature of Mentorship learning in VIM.

3. Colour choice represents intelligence and prestige

The two primary colors I decided on for VIM are medium-dark shades of green cyan and yellow gold.

The gold is the same as the previous VIM logo; it evokes prestige, but the green is now more subdued, and I feel it communicates more intelligence.

As VIM is a private learning program, I want it to have the prestige feeling combined with a strong focus on intelligence to represent continuous learning and Growth.

I hope the new VIM logo will better communicate my vision with VIM- creating a high-quality community of kind, genuine and friendly investors to learn and grow with over the long term.

You may read more in a blog article I wrote here: Thank you.
Time is ripe to snap up bargains, says debt investor Howard Marks (FT) πŸ”₯

"Marks said Los Angeles-based Oaktree did not make investment decisions based on macro forecasts β€” such as how high inflation would rise or whether there would be a recession β€” nor try to time the market.

"I think the idea of waiting for the bottom is a terrible idea," he said. Assets could get cheaper than current valuations "in which case we'll buy more."

Marks, 76, co-founded Oaktree in 1995 with a strategy of investing in "good companies with bad balance sheets" and has built the company into a $164bn powerhouse of debt investing. The company does not publicly disclose its financial performance."

After a sharp market sell-off, Oaktree Capital's founder is turning aggressive.

He is a debt investor specializing in chasing companies for unpaid debts.

He said in the article that while he expects the number of corporate bankruptcies to increase, he does not think it will reach double-digit levels like in previous crises as companies have taken advantage of low-interest rates to lock in cheap financing during the pandemic.

While Mark, who is more focused on debt investing, says it is time to snap up bargains. For equities, do you think the time is also ripe for snapping up bargains?

Read the FT article here: (only for FT subscribers).
For equities, do you think the time is also ripe for snapping up bargains?
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No, the stock market will drop more
Just re-designed our VIM logo and reactivated our IG.

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Good morning; the stock market just had its worst start in 50 years πŸ₯Ά

We are at the halfway point of the year, and the stock market just had its worst first half of a year since 1970.


The S&P 500 has dropped around 21% in the past six months, solidly in the bear market territory.

Not only stocks but bonds have done terrible too. Bonds are sensitive to economic conditions, and recession is looming.

How bad can it get?

Nobody knows for sure.

All we can do is invest in what we know at a price that we think makes our money's worth.

And never stop investing in ourselves.

"Bull markets and bear markets can obscure mathematical laws, they cannot repeal them." - Warren Buffett

P.S: We are still expanding our VIM community πŸ™‚

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What is VIM? πŸ“ˆ

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Having the right mental model is key to being a good investor in the stock market. This quote is by Shelby M.C. Davis, an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist from the state of New York. 😊

Have a great weekend, fellow investors!
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In investing, like in life, our biggest enemies are often ourselves. It's us vs us. Agree? πŸ‘†

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