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Telegram channel of reshow, with raw information on newly added materials to
and on debris we can't take to æBod, but we can deliver straight to you. (Fast coordination required via or via
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Hello, exhibition at teknisk museum is open, but thats not the news... behind museum theres a lot of these! Be our guest
Hi there 😃 we are now detaching reshow-storage from #æSeries and moving it towards a waste management area behind the Norsk Teknisk Museum. There we will continue sharing materials and do some activities in relation to the show klima2+ where we have an installation... Stay tuned 😃
For a couple of months, reshow storage will be right there, in the left of the recycling dumpsters outside Norsk Teknisk Museum. It will open by appointment only,, and during activities such as workshops.
We will also upload more materials to the inventory pretty soon, stay tuned.
Inside the museum is the exhibition Klima2+ where we did the installation "take a rest" just using debris from other shows.

Feel free to drop by and share with your friends 😘
Steel C angles 2*1,5 inches in diverse sizes ... (in two days are in a waste bin, but we can save them in our storage if you want 😃 let us know
Policarbonate in diverse sizes. Some scratches here and there but not big deal 😃 anyone?
Hi ! We have lot of pedestals at our storage that can be easily refit for a new life...many sizes, colours and shapes... anyone interested? Lets coordinate!
in a couple of weeks we will pick up several wooden plates and construction timber.

Materials are quite nice and will be available GRATIS for non commercial cultural initiatives as we do.

If you are interested please contact us or else wait until we update website with these and other materials we have at the storage. (pedestals, lamps, manequens, transport boxes, etc)

it takes quite a bit of time to update website, thats why we share in this channel first. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to subscribe and to book an appointment for dropping by to the storage and collect things directly there 😘
That was fast. All those wooden materials are already booked for an upcoming video installation in public space… let's see!

Join us for a guided tour at the exhibition Klima2+ at Norsk Teknisk Museum!
This weekend (19-20) 1pm

Hva skjer med materialene i klimautstillingen når den er ferdig? Bli med ombruksprosjektet Reshow på en nøye gransking av installasjonene i utstillingen, skrue for skrue, tre for tre. Passer for familier. Møt opp ved søyle 5.
Today and tomorrow we will be at Norsk Teknisk Museum doing sort of a guided tour on the show klima2+

1 to 1:30 pm …

don't expect chemical explosion, but chemistry 😘
All this week we will be at norsk teknisk museum with guided tours searching for materials to reuse, and then workshops for thinking and doing with surplus from the current show on climate where we have an installation. All ages. 😘
Hello ! We will change reshow storage pretty soon, so we will empty containers and share all materials we have. Many are not online, as the floor we used, but also big crates, gallery lamps, special bulbs, 4 mannequins and so on.

Please help us spreadings the voice to give a new life to these and more debris from exhibitions:
reshow storage gratis ''opphørssalg''

Oktober 26th to 29th
12-4pm (and anytime by appointment:
Behind Norsk Teknisk Museum

2x1: Take a rest, and get a booklet on reshow gratis !!!
Hei. Thanks to all that empty the storage last week! Amazing 😃 highschools, kindergartens, galleries, cultural centres, museums, installations, urban interventions, explorations in town and so on...
If you didn't visit the Norsk Teknisk Museum, here a VR of our installation at the show klima2+
And if you want to read some, here a link to the publication on reshow:

Vi sees 😘
Hei, nå gir Vigelandmuseet bort en rekke fraktekasser! Ta direkte kontakt med Kai Kobi ved interesse: