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​​Introducing our news channel to keep you always updated.
We've decided to provide more info on what's going on with so we'll stick together on creative ideas.
It's been a while since we released anything publicly.
For last few month our small team was concentrated on things that matters - video base size and content quality.

That's why we've done great job on our computer vision algorithm and videos amount. Basically it means that we are ready to increase base filling speed up to 200k shots per month without any manual selection involved.

And we truly hope it will help you in whatever you are doing.
To understand what you actually need, we implemented analytics at a very basic level.
It also took a while since it's a new field in our expertise.

Anyway, from now on we will thoroughly watch which parts of our platform need an improvements based on numbers, not just feelings.
There is always a time to say Thank you to our users. So thank you! For being creative and believing in that tool.

We would like to especially mark some of you for donations you've made. That's what helps us grow faster and do more good stuff.

So special thanks to: Pavel I, Alexei S, Artem, Basil A, Eugene S and all anonymous ones

If some of you willing to make any donations - feel free to do so via or Donation page at

You guys are the best!