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REDEFINED is a mini-manifestation portal for the soul led CEO who is ready to fully unleash the real, the raw, the badass and the most elevated version of you.

You’re hungry, your determined, and also in total surrender
Now’s the time love… let’s go ❤️
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EPISODE 7: How to properly delegate to a team and why it’s your duty to create more opportunity in the world
EPISODE 8: How emotional pain shows up in the physical body and how this relates to low cash flow in business 🤯
EPISODE 9: Health and how it pertains to your business. Bonuses with New Years offer will be announced soon ❤️🛳️
EPISODE 10: I’m back on land and I have the most INCREDIBLE opportunity for you!
EPISODE 11: The power of REALLY nailing your offer and niche.
EPISODE 12: The marriage of success and passion. Why and how YOU need to make the first move
EPISODE 13: how to have an abundance of clients all the time
EPISODE 14: Brand Frequency Meditation practice - this one made me cry 😭
EPISODE 15: Massive Massive breakthroughs on your relationship to your BRAND 🙏❤️
This one is worth listening to 😘
EPISODE 17: Morning Chakra Balancing and Energy Clearing for Success in your beautiful day
EPISODE 18: Massive Forward Momentum and a BEAUTIFUL Angelic Card Reading for you! 💎
EPISODE 19: The DO WHAT YOU LOVE Challenge - your personal invitation🖤🩷
EPISODE 20: Quick Meditation Visualization to set yourself up for success today!!!!
EPISODE 21: quick meditation on WHO you’re meant to serve in the world
EPISODE 22: Eclipse Meditation