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Never withdrew eth or ltc as shown above and still have over 24 btc in regular platform that I will never see. Just thought you all should know. And to set record straight on the person laurie said I brought in with a credit card to max out her card? I never did that. Only told people to put in what they could afford to lose and that was never with a credit card.

⚠ We ask you to read this part from Lauries recent update and ask yourself this .... have we ?

Fairytales or have we shown proof ?

Now ask yourself this... what proof has Laurie shown you ?

A photoshopped email

Has EVERYONE had their withdrawals now ?

Has EVERYONE been shown Uganda photos from Laurie?



From me (Daryl)

This will more than likely be my final efforts in regards to everything.

I have shared all I know and it is now free for you all to make up your own opinions.

I'm not going to let this consume my life anymore than it already has, I hope some eyes have been opened to the truth much like mine have been recently.

I'd like to take the time to apologise to any members I may have blocked or been an asshole too in the past, I have no excuse for my behaviour and am asking for no forgiveness just that you know I am sorry for how I mistreated or spoke out of term to any of you.

Secondly I would like to thank all the members I have met and grown to call friends or associates, I wish all those in RB friends or not all the success in the world in any future venture, be that I am proven wrong and your success lies with this platform, or whatever else you may choose to pursue.

I hope the questions raised to get answered and addressed as they should do and I hope that the members who truly support this platform or the truth seek the answers to them also.

I also understand the fear instilled to keep quiet in risk of losing your accounts or being blocked and I also can't blame you for having your own interests at heart, the figures on your screens are truly life changing should they come to fruition.

I wouldn't change what I have done and would do it again to release the truth.

In closing I hope you see the following finalised

50 days of Christmas
Uganda photos
Return of funds to the company from The Berlin Group land payments.
Peter Scott 25 million investment.
Automatic withdrawals.
All withdrawals completed.
All platforms working.
Blue prints of the Recycle Bot the coin is used for.
And every other doubts i have addressed.

Good luck everyone.


To All Our Members,

We find the last update written by Mr. Suarez to be quite comical.

375 BTC withdrawals left ?? Really Laurie

Quite comical when no one has reported successful withdrawals

Everything told via this channel has been nothing but the truth

Truth is their is over 5100 withdrawals that haven’t been processed some 650-700+ BTC to process all withdrawals

Still avoiding all previous questions raised hey Laurie ?

Still no uganda photos
50 days of xmas
Truth on under the counter BTC deals you have been making with no return yet to those whom you have promised

If you really went to uganda the photos would of been showed by now. It’s quite clear by now you never went

Can’t wait to see the new JV on May 1st with yet another forged signature

Laurie you are a shit show of epic proportions

How’s about telling the truth to your investors for once ??

Thank You,

The Ex-Unpaid Truth Telling RB Global Bank Management Team


To All Members,

More lies spread by Laurie to delay any chance of withdrawals

Says the 3 now ex admin have derailed today’s withdrawals

When they have no access to the platform or the developer

How’s about stop spreading lies yet again Laurie and just process withdrawals like you have been stating for the last 2 months

Still haven’t answered questions about uganda photos or 50 days of Xmas have you?

Where’s the 48 hr update on current JV’s guess that will come In another 48 hrs after another 48 hrs after another 48 hrs

Stop pointing blame Laurie when you have no one to blame but yourself

Thank You,

The Ex-Unpaid Truth Telling RB Global Bank Management Team


To all members

It seems as though Laurie is threatening you all AGAIN for believing the stone cold truth.

It's clear that this has become more of a dictatorship and acts of desperation in order for him to hide from the real truth.

As always he releases screen shots of only one side of the story.

We ask all of you this...

How can an ex admin sabotage anything when they don't even have the control to get into their own accounts?

Clearly if we had that much control our accounts would be unblocked.........awkward.

As said before, defending ourselves won't stop.

It's sad to see that members are now bullied into believing the lies that are being fed, and it's sad to know that we once supported such behaviour, from the outside looking in it is very clear to see that the platform is ran out of fear and the ability to hold you to ransom to abide by the rules.

Fall in line or lose everything you have potentially built up.

Stop feeding the members lies and start feeding them their crypto that they are patiently waiting for.

Fact of the matter is Laurie you have not paid significant amounts of crypto on withdrawals since the middle
Of January. So if funds aren’t an issue why isn’t anyone getting paid the fact you have 5000 pending withdrawals and want to open the window again on Wednesday is laughable

And for those members holding onto hope and staying quiet in fear of losing what you are set to potentially gain, let's hope your silent suffering ends soon with ALL wirhdrawals cleared and ALL topics raised being addressed.

The ex un-paid admin


The lies continue

Coded a back door to a SECURE website which YOU had control of??

Come on Laurie give it a rest.

Just pay people what they are owed.



Do not participate into the lottery until the following are addressed.


Uganda photos released

50 days of Christmas paid

Peter Scott Investment proof

Charlie Pellegrino LIVE ZOOM community call.

Private Investment agreements are paid back including the offered Interest.

And why give out a wallet address? Why not just a deposit into the platform? Hmmmmm strange

If they can receive money then they should be able to send it right?


To all members

So the admittance of not having the funds to pay you all has finally been posted.

The boasting of the JV partnerships and the returns they offered seems to now not be enough to pay you all.

Again this post is not to close the platform down however to finally get some of you the truth, those who wish to listen to it anyway.

I'm guessing by the latest news post the withdrawals that were continuing to be approved didn't get done?

I am guessing this was because there was a back log in Lego sets that needed to be made.

It also seems that Laurie is now resulting Into personal insults, this is his typical behaviour when backed into a corner and has no other comeback.

I'd imagine his lawyers or some other pitiful line will come next.

He says that it is impossible to please you all.

It really isn't its very easy to please you all.

Pay ALL withdrawals.

Which are open again in 6 hours from the time of this post. Good luck to you all.

And obviously all the other stuff that isn't being done would probably help.

Release some photos, pay the charities, have some JV calls, you know the really really simple stuff to please people.

Can't pay because no new business? We all know what that spells............

Anyway the wig wearing tattooed elf says have a great weekend.


Be careful of the sugar daddy con-man hippo sized bank manager πŸ˜‰


To all members

In typical fashion your CEO has resorted into dirty tactics again.

Placing the blame on other people and clutching at straws when it comes to any pathetic reason he can use that may be believable to you all.

In my opinion it is becoming very insulting to you all that he feels he can continuously lie to you all with out a care in the world.

He is now blaming others for the lack of new investors.

So the FACT members don't get withdrawals for 3/4 months hasn't effected that?

So the FACT that no Uganda photos have been released yet hasn't effected that?

So the FACT he hasn't paid a charity fund raiser hasn't effected that?

So the FACT the claims of being sustainable for 3 years with the JV partnerships are now in question after the recent updates he has given hasn't effected that?

So the FACT that he emptied the company Stripe account into his sons bank account hasn't effected that?

So the FACT that he has multi million dollar law suits against him hasn't effected that?

I could continue but I think that sort of sums up why there aren't any new investors.

The mere FACT of all of this is the platform was and always will be derailed because of the man behind the programme, the man who takes but doesn't give back, the man who treats its members as if this was a dictatorship, the man who feeds lies after lies to keep a glimmer of hope into its members that they may eventually see some of their crypto that has been accumulated, the man that throws ridiculous income claims from JV partnerships that if they were even half true members would be paid, again I could continue.

So anyway

Keep up the good work buddy for every piece of crap you post there will be a little wig wearing tattooed elf ready to reply.





The wig wearing tattooed elf has correctly pointed out the one and only bad actor :)


P.s by posting a photo that shows you are the ONLY person left from what was, goes to show everyone that you are the main cause, everyone around you has woken up to the truth and what you are doing, so thanks for pointing that out for everyone.