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Campaign to recall Michigans Governor, Lt. Governor, SOS, and Attny General. “Paid for by United States Constitutional Freedom Coalition with regulated funds, not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.”
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*You won't want to miss this event!*

When: September 18th, 2021

Where: Commerce Township, Michigan


A group of everyday Michiganders saw the need and importance of bringing our communities together in a way never been done before in our state. We are excited to offer you and your family a day of fun, music, speakers, food, education, shopping, networking, and of course a place where we can celebrate our FREEDOMS!

USCFC has been invited to represent the Recall Movement - of Michigan at this event and are in process of securing a booth. The more we all network and share the stronger foundation we can build! Hope to see you there! - Recall Movement Team
Once people learn how their elections are being stolen, they understandably want to know what they can do about it.

Here is what is needed:
1) Learn what has happened.
2) Stay informed on the progress of the election integrity efforts in your community.
3) Tell your friends. Be brave. *It’s not a conspiracy anymore.*
4) Team up with other patriots in your region. Support their efforts.
5) Demand election integrity from your officials.
6) Remember that YOU are the government, not them. They are just employees.

No one is coming to rescue us.
Especially not the politicians and the legal system.
We are the people we are waiting for.
Politicians don’t start parades, they join them.
Make the parade larger.
Be sure to have his back, Nessel is attacking him for his great work in finding and presenting real forensic evidence of election.

Here is his telegram.
Forwarded from Arizona Conservatives Take Action (Patriot)
Michigan Attorneys DePerno and Lambert Issue Cease and Desist Letter to Prevent Imminent Data Deletion by Dominion Vendor + New Lawsuit Forthcoming | TGP

As our @MichiganConservatives channel reported earlier today, Dominion vendor Election Source notified clerks in Michigan that they will be performing “preventative maintenance” on the voting machines on July 15th. The alleged maintenance involves removing the batteries from the machines, which can permanently erase election data.

Attorneys Matt DePerno and Stephanie Lambert sent out a cease and desist order today to prevent the destruction of evidence. They are also preparing a new lawsuit against Election Source.

Lambert joined Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100% FedUp tonight to discuss the details of their new case. She reviewed recent findings by DePerno’s team that the Michigan election was subverted remotely through 2 security breaches discovered by AZ auditor and Cyfir Founder, Ben Cotton.

Watch 📺👉 TGP Interview
Read 👓👉 TGP Summary
Learn more 📝👉 Last MI Update


Forwarded from Health Freedom UnMuzzled (Maija Hahn)
Media is too big

Michigan Healthcare workers against mandates are “unionizing”. It’s time to lawyer up and demand appropriate accommodations for workers who don’t want the COVID vaccine mandates to stay employed.
People can now text 225484 to 1(855)575-7888 to make a contribution automatically registering them to sign. We need help to hit our goals and keep charging forward. Thank you everyone for your continued support!
Meeting with Board of State Canvassers Monday 10am

SO... perhaps you've seen this attack? Ignore and brush it off. This is just a very narrow opinion and a very low blow at passing the blame...we are not backfiring; we are getting fired up!

Keep in mind if you have or have not read the following article, they are talking about ALL OF US and they feel it is ok to show this level of public disrespect. These allegations are absurd, nothing more than political propaganda. They want to say it is our fault Whitmer is once again walking the fringe of "grey" legislation using the "Legislative Legends" (use of incomplete or ancient legislation) in her very own Gretchen Whitmer Translation in her "Go Screw Yourself Michiganders Manual" as she makes her own rules.

The document found here ( referenced in the following attached article is being used as the authority in Whitmer's Playbook is rather questionable that made by a typewriter?

The so-called declaratory ruling itself is likely unconstitutional. It is clear there have been no active recall elections held against Whitmer or any other officer in the Executive Branch. This can be proven since previous efforts to obtain signatures were foiled by all kinds of foul play. To be in a true active recall election, signatures are required to be turned in and would have been verified leading to a special election. No Recall Election = No Threat of Recall.

Control the pieces and maybe have a fellow supporter create a fake recall site just in case they do not stop or divert the peoples real recall initiative and BAM you got yourself a reason to pretend the rules are being followed, and any elected official can circumnavigate just about everything we have bound them to not limited to finances. The raising of money beyond contribution limits specified in the Michigan Campaign Finance Act ( could equally be argued and interpreted as willful violations, deliberate mockery and threat to our justice system by intentional offsetting the very important process of checks and balances.

As far as the GOP passing the buck...well, we will let that partly speak for itself as how it pertains to the character of those that feel the need to cast stones. Why is it everyone cannot see that RIGHT NOW is the exact time we need to be working together as closely and cohesively and in as much unison as possible. That is the kind of American effort needed to defend what we have been blessed to experience, how sad it would be to not pass on faith, family, and freedom to the future.

Time to flex people, we are the body! We were just scapegoated, majorly dissed, and hugely underestimated in our abilities. They wish to keep you still or running in place, the goal is to make you feel powerless, so you psych yourself out and fall a sheep. Ignore that mirage and pass through the open door! We ALL are continually made to feel inferior, labeled, and in a sense becoming more slave like... and we were just told we "obviously we can’t get over 1 million signatures by the end of the year" - WOW that is an insult!

Please answer the call, if it was not important, we would not be reaching you. If it were more burdensome than we claim, then we would not claim it. If we did not have strong feelings to do what is right. This is what is right or
we would not continue to persevere. If the reward was not greater than the risk, we would surely advise you to do what you feel is best. In this case not assisting could be a major regret compared to what is being asked of us. Truly very little is required Individually w/ exponential gain.

We deal in truths, we deal in hope, we deal in faith, we deal with what we are dealt, we are done playing games, this is our life and preserving liberty starts when we can each place value in others that is equal in comparison to the value we see and cherish of those we love the most.
Whitmer has gotten on thing right, we are in this together - just do not forget even though "we" are not who she is referring too, but "we" are still majority power in our state government (for now). Most of us must agree there is a significant agreed upon value given to freedom. It is essentially priceless and enables our ability to dream and achieve. Walk a mile in communist shoes, walk a mile in socialist shoes, learn to value what you used to choose. Realize now in contrast that participation is almost equal to nothing to lose.

This is an easy task when organized as it is and people humble themselves to follow instructions to help as specified. Do not fall victim to being bullied! Let us not only show everyone how getting over 1 million signatures is possible, let's DO IT! Not much to it, but to just do it! Without a doubt we can do this, probability favors us even if only we all just play the most minor part by individually participating. This can be done minimally if done with a fraction of our potential unity.

It is time to ramp up and rev this RECALL MOVEMENT!

Whose state is this?


Visit to get started.

Open Challenge: to "Strategists" - perhaps you can show your intellectual posterity by opening your mind and digging deeper into Whitmer's Fundraising efforts with as much scrutiny as you devote to destroying the only option that belongs 100% to the people. Dig deeper into the statute and challenge yourself to find at least one opposing argument.... because if you do it diligently you may be surprised to find another, and this conflicting find would not fully support the Blame Narrative.

The thing is rules are being bent to suit elected officials and through the evolution of power as it corrupts people, it is not long that they become consumed not caring who they hurt, threaten, or manipulate. This is just plain wrong, making excuses for them is more level with reasons behind record levels of money raised. Check the ledger, those contributions she has received come from many sources that profited on others misfortune during the pan-demonic virus outbreak. Even the guy hoarding hand sanitizer realized it was wrong and performed restitution by giving it to those it made feel safe, that is called repentance and redemption.

We all have redeeming qualities if we only nourish them. Be wise and do not harden your heart. Give heed to the word of God. Wake up to the deceitfulness of sin. Consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our great confession, and hold fast to your confidence and hope in him.
Welcome to our newest members! We are grateful for each Patriot that joins our combined voices. The network we are building is not just necessary to hold these elected officials accountable, but equally important as a means to connect and communicate with one another now and in future efforts that will require our mass assembly.

Together is the only way to succeed in any effort, no matter what the objective is we must have a way to keep in contact and strategize. Keep up the great work everyone! Your help to grow our numbers is not only the key to showing our strength - it is required to collaborate and communicate important information to each other beyond this initiative.

We are still in the game due to people like you who have either made an individual financial contribution or successful recruit of likeminded patriots who have joined the Recall Movement. With continued support we are continuing to enact the plan to seize power from these corrupt power hungry tyrants. We are still here to fight another day because of all of you!

We need to increase our participation to at least 1,063,000 MI Patriots, when we reach a million strong many hands will make light work in mopping up corruption! Until then it is CRUNCH-TIME, please direct everyone you can to this URGENT CALL TO ACTION. Recruiting just 15-20 people each in the next 5-7 days, with each new recruit doing the same makes it more than possible to reach 1-3 million people in as little as 7-14 days!

Register by making an individual contribution of $5.50 or more at or by simply filling out basic contact info at

We have literally made involvement as easy as it gets with the highest probability of success. Unfortunately, the time to hesitate has come and gone. Those who register will receive an invitation to securely sign all 4 recall petitions mid-end October using electronic signatures. Once we collect enough signatures we will print and turn in the petitions satisfying the requirements.

Once this initiative moves on to the court room and or wraps up, we will continue to be vigilant in our pursuit for freedom. We plan to poll supporters, rank and begin the next initiative.
We will be at this event, sounds like fun and a good opportunity for our youths.
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