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Happy Halloween! 😈
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This is a red eyed tree frog - my first drawing using a graphic pad and pen 😊
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Cairnholy I - one of two Neolithic chambered cairns perched high on a hill 4km east of Carsluith, Scotland.
Prints available - please see the link in my bio 😊
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English Castles & Ruins #1 - Conisbrough Castle
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Conisbrough Castle - a medieval fortification in South Yorkshire, England, initially built in the 11th century by William de Warenne, the Earl of Surrey, after the Norman conquest of England in 1066.
The castle is made up of an inner and an outer bailey, the former surrounded by a stone curtain wall defended by six mural or fortified towers and the castle keep. The inner bailey would have included a hall, solar, chapel and other service buildings of which only the foundations survive. The design of Conisbrough's keep is unique in England. The keep comprises a circular central tower with six massive buttresses; its four floors would have included a main chamber and a private chamber for the lord above it.
Sir Walter Scott used the location for his 1819 novel Ivanhoe and by the end of the 19th century the ruins had become a tourist attraction.
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The Port Logan pier and lighthouse, located on the Mull of Galloway, Scotland.
The village of Port Logan was planned; it was created by Colonel Andrew MacDowall (Douall), the laird of Logan, in 1818. MacDowall erected the quay and bell tower designed by Thomas Telford in 1818, and a causewayed road leading to them.
#portlogan #mullofgalloway #scotland #panormas #wallart
Cairnholy I. Built in the 4th millennium BC, it is known as a Clyde Cairn, a type of tomb characteristic of southwest Scotland.
Cairnholy II, further up the hill but less impressive, is said to be the tomb of the mythical Scottish King Galdus.
The name Cairnholy in Gaelic is 'Càrn na h-ulaidhe' - cairn of the stone tomb.
Prints available at 😊
#scotland #scottish #standingstones #neolithic #fog #foggyday #foggymorning #carsluith #creetown #dumfriesandgalloway