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1) As well as arguing all matter was made of atoms, Lucretius described his opposite concept of the Void:

"The universe is not a closely packed mass of matter. The void exists in all things; an intangible and empty space. If void did not exist, things could not possibly move.."
2) "Matter obstructs and offers resistance. If only matter existed, resistance would be everywhere all the time and nothing could ever begin to yield. But as it is, we see with our eyes that many things on the earth, the sea and in the sky move in many different ways.."
3) "Furthermore, many things we perceive as solid, we learn on closer inspection have a porous structure: in a rocky cave all surfaces are moist with plentiful seeping water, nutrients travel through every part of an animal's body and up into every branch of a tree.."
4) "..The sound of voices will pass through walls and fly through closed doors, freezing cold will penetrate you right to the bone. If void did not exist, through which matter can travel, none of these things could happen."

Lucretius, 'On the Nature of the Universe', c. 60 BC
A great perspective of the International Space Station, seen through the windows of SpaceX's Crew Dragon Endeavour during a fly around in November 2021