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A UK brewery’s campaign to highlight the “gender pay gap” imploded spectacularly after they lost a lawsuit for refusing to sell a beer made for women to a man.
An imminent shooting at a Florida church was foiled by vigilant parishioners who wrestled a loaded firearm away from a woman intent on inflicting harm, police say.
Forwarded from Paul Joseph Watson
A black parolee who raped a white woman in New York said she “deserved” it because of “slavery,” another example of how identity politics hysteria is having real world consequences.
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🚨📢 #AlexJones breaks down new details in his fight against the mainstream media after he was accused of “sending child porn” in countless misleading headlines in this exclusive interview!


In an interview with a conservative candidate running for San Francisco Mayor 2019, Ellen Lee Zhou, she said that San Francisco is “worse than a third world country.”

An Illinois state senator threatened to confiscate firearms from law-abiding gun owners in lieu of a fine, in a heated exchange captured on video.
Forwarded from Paul Joseph Watson
Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden told a room full of billionaires and multi-millionaires earlier this week that “nothing would change” if he won the Oval Office.
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Countless attendees at President Trump’s campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida showered reporter Millie Weaver with praise for #Infowars and #AlexJones.
Millie Weaver interviews Latino attendees at President Trump’s 2020 campaign kick off in Orlando, Florida asking them why they want to re-elect #PresidentTrump.
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