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You can always rock your day listening to some good metal music!
Which of our songs are you going to listen to today, Ravens? 🀘

πŸ“·: Silvia Paveri Photography

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Here's Mauro and Fagio rocking the Backstage MΓΌnchen stage during Angra Omni World Tour!
How many of you were there, Ravens?🀘

πŸ“·: Marcus Pavani

#Ravenscry #Memories #Angra #EuropeanTour
Hey, Ravens!
Give a twist to your weekend listening to our Spotify playlist "Metal and Rock Guests" 🀘

πŸ“·: Marcus Pavani Photography

Link here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/335pd3uRgjTm3IGUdbT1HH?si=e37066a4676d4882
Caption this, Ravens 🀘

πŸ“·: Silvia Paveri Photography

#Ravenscry #Metalband #CaptionThis
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Here's our official "Missing Words" video shot by our good friend Salvatore Perrone.
Such a heavy and kind song at the same time.
Do you know the meaning of its lyrics, Ravens? 😎

#Ravenscry #MissingWords #TheAttractionOfOpposites #OfficialVideo
Have a rock n' roll weekend, Ravens 🀘πŸ”₯

πŸ“·: Marcus Pavani Photography

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What's going on, Ravens?
know what?... Black Friday is coming!

From Friday 19th of November until Sunday 28th of November, you can get our colorful t-shirts, warm hoodies, vinyl, and digipaks from "One Way Out", "The Attraction Of Opposites", "The Invisible" and our latest album "100" at a better price!

Don't forget! All the discounted products will have free shipping!
We will announce all the discounts in our store on the 19th of November, so... stay tuned and get ready for Ravenscry Black Friday, Ravens 🀘

Official Store: https://store.ravenscryband.com/
Here's Simon while he's playing his drums during "Maybe" official video shooting!
He played too loud... even for the camera 🀘😎
Hey, Ravens!
Black Friday has finally arrived at our store!

If you buy two items in our store now, you will get a 25% discount on the second one at the checkout!
All the products will have free shipping, and this means only one thing: double savings!
It will be available only until the 28th of November at 11:30 pm EST, so... hurry up before it's too late!

Enjoy Ravenscry Black Friday 🀘

SHOP NOW: https://store.ravenscryband.com/
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"In my house everything was unfamiliar, He was, and was his fury on my bones, I knew I couldn't make amend the problem that I didn't create. The main effort, to admit that I had really failed, That I'd known the most degrading misery, To discover that I could deserve more than a daily dread"

In 2015 we released "Alive".
With this song, we tried to give voice to an important theme for us.
The aim is to raise public awareness and mobilize people to end violence against women worldwide.
Today it's just another chance to do it all together.
It has not to be for one day, not for one month only.
Every day is an opportunity to raise consciousness.
Every single day.

#OrangeTheWorld #GenerationEquality #UnWomen
Hey, Ravens!
The Black Friday Promotion is going on at our store for only a few days still!
Get our merch at a better price now!
If you buy two items in our store, you will get a 25% DISCOUNT OFF on the second one!
All the products will have free shipping, so that means double savings!
Hurry up! The promotion will be available only until this Sunday at 11:30 pm EST!
Enjoy Ravenscry Black Friday, Ravens!

Ravenscry BLACK FRIDAY: https://store.ravenscryband.com/
Thank all of you around the world for listening to our music!
Your support is so meaningful for us, and we wouldn't be able to do anything without it, Ravens 🀘❀️

#Ravenscry #Spotify #Wrapped2021 #Maybe
Giulia and all the guys from Ravenscry wish you happy holidays!
We are glad to have you and your support during this year!
It is so meaningful for us and gives us more strength every time!
Thank you all, Ravens ❀️
Another year is about to end, far from stages, and without meeting you, but...
We want to thank you, Ravens!
You have supported us by listening to our music and staying in touch with us, even during these weird times, hoping they will end soon.
A big thank you goes also to Hughes & Kettner, Two notes Audio Engineering, Lewitt, Steinberg, and Audio-Technica.
We hope this new year will be a wonderful one for everyone.
See you in 2022!
Thank you all ❀️

Which songs are you going to listen to today, Ravens?
Have a great weekend full of powerful music 🀘
Hey, Ravens!
Today is a special day for us!
Our third album "The Invisible" turns five years old!
Thank you so much for all of your love shown on it over these years.
As you know, "The Invisible" tells the story of Coral, a young librarian who has to embark on a journey, which will lead her to discover a big secret about herself.
What's your favorite song from "The Invisible" album?

#Ravenscry #TheInvisible #5thAnniversary #metalalbum
Hey, it's Giulia here!
Today our latest album "100" turns two years old!
Wow, time flies quickly!
Your support has been incredible as always, so I want to thank you all ❀️❀️.
In the meanwhile, did you guess the secret behind the title? πŸ€”πŸ˜
Hey, Ravens!
Today is a special day: it's Mauro's birthday!
Show our guitar hero some love ❀

πŸ“·Silvia Paveri

#Ravenscry #MauroPaganelli #GuitarHero #HappyBirthday
Let's say "Happy Birthday" to the man behind Ravenscry music
and founder member Paul  🀘
Show him some love, Ravens ❀

#PaulRaimondi #HappyBirthday