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Rate3 is proud to announce that we have recently been awarded Jinse Finance's 2018 "Consensus Across Borders" prize! (Jinse Finance is a well-known Chinese blockchain industry service platform that has a MAU of about 1million.)

The 10 recepients (not ranked individually) who received this award were picked based on their 'scores' on criteria such as (but not limited to) their influence on the industry, their ability to create new market value, and overall tech development.
Following on our IOST iStablecoin partnership announcement, today we publicly release our Rate3 Cross-Chain Swap MVP for swaps between Ethereum and Stellar testnets (with IOST to come closer to its Feb mainnet launch). Read more about it here
Ground Zero: The Blockchain Revolution

Catch Co-founder and CTO Davis Gay as he discusses blockchain's applications, trends, and integration to daily operations together with Raymond Yeh (Govtech), Martin Lim (Electrify. Asia), and Sami Neji (DLT Ledger) at the Blockchain Revolution tomorrow, 31st Jan, NUS Hangar!
Progress Update 1-31st Jan 2019

In the first month of 2019, we launched our Rate3 Cross Chain Swap MVP and officially announced a joint collaboration with IOST to bring cross-chain stablecoins to the IOST ecosystem. Other highlights include becoming a validator node for IOST’s Global Partner Program, and being named top 10 blockchain projects with the most commercial value. Read the full report here:
Hello Rate3 Community! We have noticed and are delighted to have a new influx of chat activity in our group recently! While we are open to having all sorts of tokenization projects be discussed in this group, we will be removing members who flout two rules moving forwards:

a) Members using execessive vulgarities, racial slurs, etc. against other members offensively in detabes/arguments
b) People encouraging users to sell RTE in lieu of purchasing XYZ coin. It is fine to debate the merits between different projects from a tech perspective, but this is first and foremost a chat group for Rate3.

Users will be given warnings prior to being kicked/banned. Please DM admins after if you feel you've been wrongfully kicked/banned. Thanks for your understanding.
Calling all Rate3 community members!
We hope you had fun with the token swap. Here’s a good chance to swap some of your creativity for RTE and we look forward to your participation!

Contest Details
- Submissions to be accepted from today Feb 4th to March 3rd 2359 SGT (UTC+8)!
- 3 winners will obtain a grand prize of 100,000 RTE
- 7 other winners will obtain a prize of 30,000 RTE

Find out how to join this contest and more at :
In Part I of our 2019 Rate3 Manifesto, we explained in depth the goals of Rate3 Network, what we seek to enable with this protocol. Here's Part II, where we discuss our approach to building a protocol & the RTE token utility:
It's that time of the month again - here's our latest Rate3 February progress update!

We'd like to give a quick recap and a special mention around our IOST initiatives:

- The IOST mainnet launched on Feb 25th 2019
- Token swap (from ERC20 to IOST native token) process to be completed on March 10th
- Many notable wallets and gaming dapps in particular are set to be early launch partners of our iStablecoin from March 10th onwards
- Rate3 is part of the inaugural ICAC governing body for the IOST blockchain, presenting many opportunities for further collaboration with other ecosystem partners

Read the full monthly update here:
Too used to Metamask to want to try out other newer blockchains like IOST? Don't fret about it - IOST has released a similarly-intuitive web wallet called iwallet.

Early adopters can now install the Chrome extension wallet and transfer their mainnet IOST coins into it, as well as hold and use future IOST blockchain IRC20 tokens like Rate3's iStablecoin in the coming days!

Mainnet IOST coins can currently be obtained from Kucoin and Huobi. With more exchanges such as Binance and Upbit finishing up with the token swap process soon, we will get to see an increased rollout pace within the IOST ecosystem among users and Dapps such as Rate3's iStablecoin. Watch this space!
The wait is over — IOST iStablecoin is now live on Mainnet!

IOST iStablecoin is a Cross-Chain Swap service from Rate3 that allows for an asset that is non-native to the IOST blockchain to be transported onto the IOST blockchain and vice versa. We will be focusing heavily on marketing and promoting usage of iStablecoin jointly with the IOST team for the rest of Q2.

You can check out our guide on how to use our iStablecoin swap web application, and also head down to our web portal to begin swapping!
In the midst of planning and executing on our various developments over the last couple of months, we made a decision to revise our roadmap to account for various changes - especially considering that our partnership initiatives with IOST weren't reflected in the original roadmap.

Check out the following post for more details around it, or refer to our latest March 2019 progress updates to obtain a more summarized version of the latest developments!
Rate3 is adding USDT support to our iStablecoin swap service!

Created in October 2014, Tether’s deep, ecosystem-wide liquidity as a trading pair for other crypto-assets means that it holds systemic importance in this space. Based on Coinmarketcap data, Tether routinely ranks as one of the top 5 most traded cryptocurrencies by daily 24h volume.

Check out the following post for more details around it, or refer to our latest April 2019 progress updates to obtain a recap of recent developments (we've also included our thoughts around the Tether situation and its link to iStablecoin there).
Rate3's monthly report update (#19) for JUNE is here!

Some key highlights include our top performance as an IOST node (ranking #9th in annualized yield), possible migration to Binance Chain as a means of increasing cross-chain interoperability, implication of Binance Chain and possible addition of DAI to the IOST ecosytem.

Some other exciting highlights include progress with various decentralized wallets, games and platforms!

Read more here: