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Rainicorn Pre-verification Channel

Website: https://raini.io
Medium: https://rainicoin.medium.com
Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/rainicorn
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Welcome to the Rainiverse!

To join the chat, please press Tap to Verify in the above message, this will take you to the verification bot where you'd have to press Start and then solve the emoji captcha in order to join the group.

This measure is to prevent bot accounts from easily joining the chat.

Note that there are scammers out there - our moderation team will never tell you to connect your wallet to any website except for raini.io. Please do not send your Raini anywhere expecting to receive more Raini back in return as some scammers would have you believe.

We are NOT doing airdrops of RAINI tokens! If the chat is disabled, always assume it's a red flag.

May your Rainis always stay gaini!