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Hi Ragnarok Community :wave: Thank you for all your endless support. We are happy to announce that Mrgrow Cryptomining Store is now live , we have started SEO marketing for it and some other marketing will follow as soon as possible be sure to check it out. There will be free shipping on all orders made from now till December 7th 2018 . https://store.mrgrow.club/
Hello Ragnarok Community 👋, We have intro video for Ragnarok https://youtu.be/gtryGmF6zX8 please share, tweet about it to spread the word. Thank you all for the endless support we appreciate it
We are happy to announce Promotional Partnership with Crypto Dezire Cash (CDZC), Join their Sever for rain, soak, drizzle and tip .You can also access your balance here in our discotd server using the commands below only in #🔎bot-commands

r.bal : get your balance
r.deposit : get address for your deposits
r.withdraw <ADDRESS> <AMOUNT> : withdraw coins to specified address
r.tip <@user> <amount> : mention a user with @ and then the amount to tip them
r.tip private <user> <amount> : put private before Mentioning a user to tip them privately
r.soak <AMOUNT> : gives coins to all Active users
r.rain <AMOUNT> : gives coins to users who have sent a message recently
r.drizzle <AMOUNT> : gives coins to the last 5 active users

Be sure to join Crypto Dezire Cash (CDZC) using the link below to get free RAGNA from time to time
Ragnarok (RAGNA) has been added to https://www.mnroi.info Platform

Monitor RAGNA on https://www.mnroi.info/coin/RAGNA
Hi everyone thank you all for the support and believe you have in Ragnarok, We really appreciate it without you guys the project cannot be where it is at the moment, our roadmap and what we are working on is stated in our roadmap on discord , we are currently working on mobile app for everyone that has Android and IOS phone and very soon we will be able to provide a test for the community. At the same time, we are trying to list on more exchanges and get more partnership and marketing to create more awareness for the project. Thank you all once again
You can claim daily 5 RAGNA bounty by posting positivity about Ragnarok in our btctalk post - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5017835


Must be a quality comment related to the project.

Post a screenshot here.

You must not say anything about bounty or airdrop in the comment.

P.S. - Community is everything for us! If you guys have any suggestions and advices to improve the project, feel free to DM me! :wink:
Flits app voting competition has started today
Competition will run until Monday May 13th 3pm (GMT-0). The top the coins with the higest vote wins a free listing on Flits App!

Follow the instructions on the twitter post. https://twitter.com/FlitsNode/status/1124327630000545793
Only one vote per person

We will reward all the people that votes on this contest with a share of 50 RAGNA
All you need to do is to vote, post screenshot and your RAGNA wallet address in voting-bounty channel on our discord

Let's vote to get RAGNAROK listed on FLITS APP

Website : https://flitsnode.app
Discord : https://discord.gg/uXuKcbs
Hello, Ragnarok-Community ✌️ Happy to annouce that RAGNAROK has been listed on MY CRYPTO CLOUD HOSTING

➡️ Always extra on exchange free € with SCN coins (so 10% discount on all nodes)
➡️ No tech Knowledge needed
➡️ 3-clicks setup
➡️ Internal exchange
➡️ Fees charged monthly.
➡️ quick service
➡️ PLatform Link : https://mnhosting.nl/coins
➡️ Discord : https://discord.gg/hgvsH2Y

@everyone You can host a node as low as € 1.49 per month
@everyone We are now passed 350,000 blocks collateral has change to 140,000 RAGNA
Greetings Ragnarok Community, thank you all for the support going forward. Mobile wallet has been purged from the roadmap as not much are interested, very few people use the web wallet which is practically same as the mobile wallet so all that energy will be utilized for getting RAGNA on more platforms to help boost and improve awareness. We are already talking to some local business that could accept Ragnarok as a mode of payment. Please have in mind that this somewhat a gradual process that takes time, but we are working very hard to make sure the project gains more awareness and benefit from the current boost in BTC price. If you like to provide suggestions on a platform or a company that will be good for Ragnarok to be listed that will really help in the awareness please reach out to our team members. @everyone
Hi @everyone Thank you all for the support, really appreciate it. As we have mentioned before, we are working on adding more projects that will accept ragnarok as a mode of payment, and at the same time, we are getting on more exchanges. In the coming weeks,will have more information on a service that will be accepting ragnarok as a mode of payment that will be released in alpha phase very soon .We are aware of the decline in the price. We are working on how to increase it and make it more stable. If you have any suggestion please reach out to any of the team members. Thanks!
If you want to participate in the testing please contact @MrGrow2k in our discord channel
@everyone We are still looking for more beta tester of the application , please if you have not reached out to me and you want to take part in the testing please DM me thank you
If you are interested in the beta testing and you have not reach me please do so the testing is still on thanks
@everyone Please make sure you update your wallet before May 17th all old wallet will not be able to connect to the network. Latest release is v3.1.4
Hi @everyone thank you all for the patience and believe you have in Ragnarok project, we haven’t post update for a while but we are sure working in the background, very soon one of the product will be release for public use and a platform that will function for a lot of things combined will follow at a later time.. All this are under development. Thank you all once again
@everyone Hi Ragnarok community , Sorry I have been away taking care of my family but am back working on the product to be released soon. Please keep in mind am working alone, so the process may be a little slow. Am working alone and it could take a while this is just an update. With the current situation of the price, there will be a swap at a later time which will help the price and provide a more stable chain for the project. The swap ratio has not been concluded because all focus is on releasing the product and after that, there will be more details about the swap and proposed swap date. Thank you all for the supports