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QwikCity is moving to a directory based routing only (just like SvelteKit and the next "Next" version...)

Plus, Manu managed to remove the "<Host>" component, soon it won't be needed anymore which will make it identicle to react and the rest in terms of not rendering an extra component for each component.

Because Qwik still needs to know the component boundaries, The solution is quite genius - using comments instead of components

Qwik and Qwik City have reached Beta! 🎉

We're now entering the "feedback phase" of perfecting the developer experience and API even more before 1.0 ...

So please feel free to try it, ask questions, create issues, help with PRs and share your implementation journeys!

The Qwik team is going to talk about Qwik beta and beyond in like... 2 hours! (10:30am PT)

Topics covered -
Signals in Qwik
🌊 Out-of-order streaming
🛣️ Road to V1

See you there!

If anyone here is working with React, here is a short, yet very interesting, video by Manu from the Qwik team that shows you how to integrate Qwik and React.

Manu from the Qwik core team built a showcase page
that automatically checks the page speed on sites
built with Qwik.

Really interesting stuff.

If you aren't already part of the official Qwik Discord,
the Qwik Developers LinkedIn Group,
the Qwik Developers Facebook Group
or signed up for Qwikly, the weekly Qwik newsletter,
you can join all of them right here -
(and of course, share them with your loved ones 🙂)
In 45 minutes - the Qwik team is going to discuss Qwik + React

gonna be interesting!

Qwik version 0.16.0 is out! 🎉

The biggest change is a simplification to the component lifecycle hooks

Now, instead of
useMount$ useServerMount$ useClientMount$ and useWatch$ … we have only one hook - useTask$

A task is something that runs on first render, and can also be reactive and re-run on dependent changes (using the
track function)

You can scope your platform specific code by using the “isServer” and “isClient” booleans

Check it out 👇
Qwik Server Actions

In this mind-blowing video, Manu from the Qwik team shows what progress has been made regarding server actions.

(another) great piece of content

Resumable React - Leveraging the React ecosystem with Qwik
A few weeks ago the Qwik team did a live stream and talked about how you can use all of Qwik's strengths within React.

During this hour-long video, you can see Misko, Manu, Steve and Yoav explain, show demos and answer questions so make sure you don't miss it.