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Qurito is an easy to indulge Q&A Platform which facilitates you to share & gain knowledge and also offers you rewards. Register at www.qurito.io today!
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Qurito referral program is now live! Navigate to https://www.qurito.io/referral/ once you are logged into the platform for getting your referral link. You can also share the link directly on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Spread the word!
At Qurito, we believe that knowledge is limitless and has no boundaries. We are proud to announce that Qurito now supports over 160 languages for asking, answering questions and creating polls. User Feeds will be customised and filtered based on known languages added in Language Settings. The smart language detection system automatically adds and updates your known languages based on your content.
Qurito is now being listed on LATOKEN!
Deposits are now open. Follow the link to deposit: http://bit.ly/2mvkpP6

Trading and withdrawals will be open on July 23. Please wait for further announcements.
Qurito Official pinned «Qurito is now being listed on LATOKEN! Deposits are now open. Follow the link to deposit: http://bit.ly/2mvkpP6 Trading and withdrawals will be open on July 23. Please wait for further announcements.»
Qurito is now trading on LATOKEN!
Follow the link to deposit: http://bit.ly/2mvkpP6
Qurito(QURO) is now trading on Stocks.Exchange with pairs QURO/ETH and QURO/USDT.

Trading, Deposits and Withdrawals now open!
At Qurito, we are committed
to improve the platform and making Qurito the most amazing way to share and exchange knowledge, views and ideas. Below are the Development Updates at a glance:

10/08/2018 -
Development Updates (for maximising user engagement prior to entering aggressive marketing campaigns):

- New and Redefined Landing page.
- A single ‘Categories’ page which unifies all the available categories on the platform.
- Improvements in user feeds.
- Exchanges page with all the available exchanges and trading pairs.
- Overall Improvements in the look and feel.
- Updates in responsive views and layouts for better mobile performance.
- Other bug fixes and improvements.

19/09/2018 -
Major Development Update:

- Development and Integration of spam protection for content posted and actions performed like upvoting and downvoting. The platform keeps learning from your behavior and takes immediate actions.
- The system automatically drops spam and unwanted answers leading to much cleaner content across the platform.
- Added option to suggest a new category and design changes in Ask Question and Post a poll page.
- Weekly email updates regarding pending notifications and content user might be interested in.
- Followed Questions can be directly viewed and managed in Q&A feed.
- Major updates to monetization algorithms.
- Overall speed improvements including page load (upto 3x faster).
- Major Improvements in search. Search is now even more accurate and predictive. We have also enabled search suggestions as soon as the user starts typing in the search bar.
- Unified notifications into a single tab in Desktop view.
- Other performance improvements, security enhancements and bug fixes.

10/10/2018 -
Development Update:
- Introducing the all new User Dashboard. It’s an intuitive place to get an overview of user profile and content. It also features an “Information Board” for regular updates and important notifications for users.
- Added the capability to view and remove active sessions for better security. Now users can keep a better track of locations and devices their account has been accessed from. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Active Sessions. Note that all existing sessions have been discarded for applying the new update.
- General performance updates and bug fixes.
Development Updates (Version 2.8.3):

- User Dashboard now shows activity from people they follow.
- Top answers are now displayed in the landing page’s Popular Questions section.
- Security Improvements in registration process through email.
- Speed improvements and UI improvements in initial Profile Setup.
- Major performance and security improvements in the backend leading to less overhead and maximum performance on the server.
- UI improvements in User profile page and other tiny UI improvements and fixes.
- Other Bug Fixes and improvements.
Qurito user acquisition reports for last 30 days.
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Qurito Audience Overview for the last 30 days.
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Development Update (Web):

- UI/UX improvements in Feeds, Profile and Dashboard.
- Bug Fixes and minor improvements.

Meanwhile, Qurito android app is in the works and it’s in the most initial phase.
Airdrop Announcement!

• We are airdropping 750 QURO tokens to new participants.

• Start Telegram bot https://t.me/Qurito_airdrop_bot, follow it's instructions to complete airdrop tasks. More details provided by the bot.

If you have any queries regarding the airdrop, please join https://t.me/Qurito_Airdrop_Support

(Note: Existing Users who have already registered are not allowed to participate.)
The main objective of the Airdrop was to make you people aware about how revolutionary and breakthrough the platform Qurito is. Start using it on daily basis, ask questions, answer people, interact with people. Spread the word about Qurito which can get you rewards with our Refer and Earn program. Qurito pays you to create “meaningful” content in the form of Q&A and Polls. It’s the first and only platform in the world that offers such diverse features.

With Qurito, you can put you ideas, experiences and knowledge into work. Log on to https://www.qurito.io
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