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Today, the Quant team created a Decentralized Amazon that is running simultaneously across Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple. Part of our Overledger roadmap, we're releasing example Multi-chain applications (MApps).

It's a powerful example of what is possible with Overledger, making use of the different blockchains, the technology and features of the different chains and simultaneously connecting them to combine siloed data, value and technical features.

We've taken payment from any of the 3 chains, connected ownership data, uploaded as an image, stored on Bitcoin, with Registration data on Ripple and Insurance data which is on Ethereum.

A true Enterprise use case which combines the features and data on disparate blockchains to deliver new products and solutions to customers.

The possibilities are endless. We can't wait to see what you'll build with Overledger! #BuildtheFuture #blockchain #innovation