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New Listing Update: The Quant market is open, and trading will begin shortly on international.bittrex.com. For more information about Quant (QNT) visit: quant.network @quant_network #Bittrex $QNT
We're pleased to release our initial version of QUANT Token Utility V0.1. This is the current working document of the token utility. With your comments and feedback, we will aim to finalise it closer to the release of Quant Treasury in 2019. https://www.quant.network/QUANT_Token_Utility_V0.1.pdf
For the February 11th AMA we will be muting the Telegram group so that the admins can ask the collected questions without being interrupted. Please post your questions in our community group before the AMA begins: https://t.me/QuantOverledger
Earlier this week Gilbert spoke to our friend Brad Laurie, aka BlockchainBrad, about how Overledger is the only interoperability solution for Enterprise and what you can expect from us in 2019.

Be sure to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfHYp4qK4nE
We are pleased to confirm that Quant Network is now a Guarantor of Pay.UK, the UK’s leading retail payments authority. Pay.UK is responsible for shaping the payment ecosystem to promote competition, innovation and openness. https://www.quant.network/blog/quant-network-is-appointed-company-guarantor-of-pay-uk/
Quant Network accepted into the Oracle Global Start-up Ecosystem. We are providing mutually beneficial solutions for Oracle clients who now can benefit from choice and ease of implementing any blockchain technology.

Find out more about what this mutually beneficial partnership means in our latest post: https://medium.com/@quant_network/quant-network-has-been-accepted-into-the-oracle-global-startup-ecosystem-2f4f92a2a9ab
Quant Network advisor Paolo Tasca has been interviewed as part of the Blockchain Technology Conference Whitepaper, in which experts share their blockchain technology, development, and strategy know-how. Read what he has to say about Overledger and cross-chain interoperability: https://medium.com/@quant_network/overledger-in-the-blockchain-technology-whitepaper-deb2fe7a9953
Quant Network becomes Technology Partner of Amazon’s AWS Partner Network (APN). Removing barriers to blockchain adoption, enabling enterprises and devs to innovate and build new business models & multi-chain apps with just 3 lines of code:
Today's #INATBA launch included an official signing ceremony to mark the occasion.

Using Overledger, with a single transaction we have written the INATBA hash on to Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin.

Multichain search https://search.quant.network

Details: https://medium.com/@quant_network/inatba-launch-and-declaration-placed-on-multiple-blockchains-using-overledger-6cc6b0c9d841