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Official news channel for "Qilin.Market" — decentralized marketplace enabling on-line shopping with cryptocurrencies using smart escrow.

Website: http://qilin.market
Official Telegram Group (EN): https://t.me/qilinmarket
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"Qilin.Market" — the protocol for decentralized e-commerce. This is an official Telegram channel for all project news. Join to be informed about important announcements.
There is a new and convinient way you can purchase real goods on-line using cryptocurrencies.
Current state of digital currencies as a payment instrument is seriously undervaluated. Being transparent they do not recognize the concept of geographical borders and along with emerging blockchain technology may bring excellence to daily shopping by eliminating trustless intermediaries and automating international supply chains. Read more at: http://qilin.market/?f=tg0
The core idea behind Qilin.Market is transferring funds for product purchase to a smart contract that assures seller would receive them only if product was accepted by customer. Read more on NewsBTC: http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/11/28/qilin-token-economy-ecommerce/
In order to work without disputes Qilin.Market use special Qilin Tokens (Qt.) to maintain deposits between parties. Acting like a returnable fuel for transactions that is a perfect example of what a 100% utility token should be. Read more on The Merkle:
Due to current uncertainty in cryptocurrency regulations and lack of unambiguous interpretation of tokens securitization Qilin.Market team was forced out to terminate the project development and revoke Qilin Token Distribution Event.

All the cryptocurrency contributed to project development will be returned within 2 weeks after 12th Feb 2018. Please make sure you have actual and working Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet set in your account to receive donated cryptocurrency back.

Qilin.Market appreciates trust and support of its community and will do all that is possible to continue project development using its own resources.