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#Nifty moving higher, all sectors positive

#NIFTY gains 1.3% with Pvt Banks being the top contributing sector supporting the up move by 70pts followed by IT & NBFC contributing 50pts & 30pts respectively.

INFY, ICICIBANK & HDFCBANK are the stocks driving the Index higher.

View Index Contributor: https://web.quantsapp.com?s=t
#UnionBudget2022 Update: INDIAVIX slips 200bps points

#NIFTY trading at 17590, INDIAVIX quoting at 19.9 cools down by 200bps points (9%). Closely

Observe #NIFTY vs INDIAVIX here: https://web.quantsapp.com?s=t

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Negative start to the week ahead

#NIFTY slips -0.5%, IT sector & Private Bank sector drags highest by -25pts each, followed by #nbfc contributes -20pts. #Metal sector contributes 5pts positively. #TATASTEEL #RELIANCE & #POWERGRID top contributing scrips. https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=68447&k=9971
Nifty erases gap up gains

NIFTY trading at 17450, with IT & Metals sector contributing 13 & 6 points respectively. FMCG drags the Index highest by -11pts. INFY & HDFC twins top contributing scrips & RELIANCE drags.

Navigate: https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=68628&k=3006

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Weekly Expiry Update: Markets anticipate Expiry at 17550

NIFTY trades at 17610, Max Pain Level placed at 17550 & Equilibrium Level (Option Writers realistic breakeven considering premiums received) at 17511.

Navigate: https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=68653&k=1958


#nifty #NSE
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Nifty Option Chain Analysis

NIFTY 17400 Straddle quoting around 290rs, by Monday 10 AM If NIFTY & IV remains at the same level it might lose 20% of premium due to Theta Decay.

Analyse here: https://web.quantsapp.com/option-chain/NIFTY


#nifty #nse #fno
Markets marginally lower

NIFTY trading lower by 0.3% at 17250. IT sector dragging the index by 22 points. WIPRO, INFY & TECHM down by 1%. Keep an eye on major moving sectors & dive deeper into stock specific trading ideas: https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=69096&k=9100


NIFTY Order Book Analysis

NIFTYMarch Futures aggressive buying at the Ask Price since 10:16, compared to very few sellers, trading the Bid Price. Make Order Book data your third eye: https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=69414&k=2226


Sentimental Indicator - #Nifty OIPCR standing at 1.1041. Nifty OIPCR has increased from 0.691 to 1.1041 since last week. Indicating bullishness in Nifty as PUT option seller are more aggressive.

Navigate: https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=69920&k=3647

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Long Weekend ahead, THETA ALERT!

NIFTY 17600 straddle quoting around 290rs, by Monday 10 AM it might lose over 30% of its premium due to Theta Decay.

Simulate the effect of Time, Price & IV on the Options here: http://app.quantsapp.com/sr

Weekly expiry anticipated at 17300.

NIFTY trading at 17330, Max Pain Level placed at 17300. BANKNIFTY is trading at 36590 with Max Pain level at 36600. Track this unique utility & optimize your expiry trades.

Navigate: https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=71080&k=4929

17,000 broken?

#Nifty Futures at 16920, with today seeing highest OI addition on 17000 call strike (addition of 59.5 lakh shares) making it a strong resistance. Around 21 L shares added on 16900 PE & 16800 PE.

Gauge the sentiments better with OI. https://web.quantsapp.com/s?id=71169&k=5512
50 points rally in Reliance pulls Index higher in last 30min from 17130 to 17220+

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#reliance #nifty
May Expiry starts on a bullish tone

Markets trading flat post a gap up, barring Infra all sectors contributing positively OIL, PVTB & NBFC contributing highest by 10pts.NIFTY rollover for April Exp stands at 75%, and BANKNIFTY rollover stands at 84%.

#BankNifty #Nifty
#nifty trading at 17000, Highest PE OI strike placed at 17000 PE which sees an addition of 35L shares today, 17000 CE sees addition of 37L shares.

Check the
changes in OI levels from custom time & gauge the sentiments: http://app.quantsapp.com/sr
#Nifty Volume Analysis

#Nifty trading at 16320, in last 3 months huge volume inflated around 16310 cluster zone (BINS) which was acting like a resistance previously.

Track Volume based Vital Levels via Volume Analysis: https://web.quantsapp.com/volume-analysis/NIFTY?symbol=NIFTY&from_date=22-Feb-22&to_date=23-May-22
3 #Nifty Index heavy weight to go Ex dividend in this expiry TCS 22, SBI 7.1 ( Ex date 25 May) and ITC 6.25 (ex date 26 May) leading to discount in May futures.

Check out Basis product https://web.quantsapp.com/basis?symbol=NIFTY&viewMode=chart&from_date=22-Feb-22&type=BasisAbs