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It’s a rolling start here at the Circuit de la Sarthe. These LMP (Le Mans Prototype) cars that the teams are driving are the fastest closed-wheel cars used in circuit racing. Perfect chance to practice French pronunciation with the multitude of corners coming up.....and they are off.....you can’t floor the accelerator or else too much wheel spin. They are neck and neck down to the Ralentisseur chicane. Lots of “win at all cost” egos on display as they muscle these cars through and towards the “S” du Tertre Rouge, sparks are flying as they hustle through. This race is certainly feisty.
They enter the Virage du Tertre Rouge (that’s a turn in English) and Hungry Dawgs who have the bit between their teeth are first. ShakeNBake are trying to slipstream in second place. Alpha Noobz are right behind in third. Whack Pack are pressing hard to squeeze in between a possible gap in fourth. Grey Bush are bringing up the rear. That’s the first sector over with. It’s the long haul down to the Mulsanne turn. Who can hold their nerve? Strap yourselves in.
This is a 3 sprint stretch for the next sector positions. One long straight with 2 chicanes to test the most serious and determined of teams. There are major muscle movements going on as the cars open up the throttle and pile on the revs down to the 1st Ralentisseur as they are all wide through there. This is definitely going to be a close run race. Once again everyone is pushing to the max to hold their positions. Is it an oh dear moment into and out of 2nd Ralentisseur...it is. As the teams reach the Mulsanne turn it’s Hungry Dawgs holding on in 1st. Whack Pack adjust the brake bias and stiffen their suspension to take 2nd. ShakeNBake struggle but keep their hopes up with slipping to 3rd. Alpha Noobz struggle with the turbulence and slip a place to 4th. Grey Bush, trimmed to perfection, are trying to close in. Hold on guys and gals, it’s really going to be a spectacular final sector. There’s still hope for the believers.
Picking up the action..some seriously challenging moves through the Mulsanne turn (you can pronounce the last ‘n’ because there’s an ‘e’ after the ‘n’); this is also a French vocabulary lesson 😳 They head down to the Indianapolis turn at full throttle. I’m sensing an oh dear moment..ShakeNBake don’t have enough down force and do a 360. Brilliant pirouette but potentially fatal for their chance. The teams are so close through d’Arnage, Porche, du Pont and the Karting turns. I’m breathless. Next up it’s Ford and Raccordement...it’s so close. And it’s Hungry Dawgs that get the winners bone. Alpha Noobz (so special) make up two places to grab 2nd. Whack Pack come too early and fluff into 3rd. Grey Bush go for a Brazilian and pinch 4th. ShakeNBake sweep up the last place. Congratulations to Hungry Dawgs. Well done everyone, that was a hard fought race. Get ready for the Ultimate Champs round.
And the battle has begun!! Competition is tough and everyone is fighting for for their place in the finals. Will someone use the lasso of truth to secure the top spot, maybe spin a web to catch the others, smash their way to the top or do we have a panther lurking at the bottom that will claim victory? Stay tuned as the last operations start soon.
The battle was hard fought and we now have our top 3 teams!!! Congratulations to Phoenix, Salty Nutz and Crunchtime for making to the final round of our first ever Q4bbs3 A New Era Ultimate Championship!