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Like the game of Kabaddi, today's story passes from character to character, facing their fears, their bullies, standing up to them with the support of the people around them. Join us for an emotional roller coaster at 5PM.
Today at 5 pm.
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It has been one month since we locked down Puthir: the location. We were fortunate enough to respond quickly and convert to online engagements almost immediately. We have not missed a single day of activity at Puthir.

In fact, we have engaged our senior members more than usual and our junior members sufficiently during
this time. So, while Puthir: the location remains closed, Puthir: the idea continues to thrive and engage children to the best possible extent.

We can pat ourselves in the back, but the question remains are we doing enough? Education, child care and kids engagement is essential work. Until a vaccine is found, deployed and eradication or containment is in sight, social isolation will be the norm. In response to this situation, we are opening up the junior activities of The Solvers Club to everyone for free. Yes, everyone, irrespective of your location.

While we may not be able to engage with every one as facilitators, we are hoping that the community will be self sufficient in terms of engagement.

Educators are also welcome to bring their students into the community and engage with them through our activities in addition to theirs.

Please join the facebook group to engage with the activities:

Learn more about how Puthir is handling the covid-19 situation:
Puthir - Bollineni pinned «It has been one month since we locked down Puthir: the location. We were fortunate enough to respond quickly and convert to online engagements almost immediately. We have not missed a single day of activity at Puthir. In fact, we have engaged our senior…»
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Please spread the word so that more children can benefit from this.
Mark your calendar for our first live book reading of Kayal: https://www.facebook.com/events/1429079650612726/
I love telling stories. I miss the live storytelling sessions the most during this period of social isolation. No more live audience. No more looking at widening eyes when their imagination is running wild.

While a Facebook live event doesn't come close to a physical session, it compensates for it by giving us an audience from all parts of the world. I am super excited about the second session. Have your children come meet me and Sowmya playing Bopa and Boma reading Kayal, the Formidable 🙂

Children's stories and books, especially picture books often don't do justice to the wonderful experience of reading a book and becoming a part of an incredible imaginative adventure. They tend to talk down to kids or make the story so simple that an adult reading to a child has to yawn through the book.

With Kayal, the Formidable and all our Kathai Vidu stories, we wanted to elevate the literary content for young readers. We wanted the book to have incredible repeat value for growing children. Kayal, the Formidable takes an interesting premise, builds a rich world of colorful characters that connect children to nature, narrates the story with hilarious verses, many of which could be set to tune or rapped.

We hope that Kayal starts as a bed time reading for 3 year olds and a sing along verse for pre-teens.

Join us for the second part of the theatrical reading of Kayal, the Formidable. Read playfully by Boma and Bopa, played by Sowmya, the editor and Navilan the author, we intend make the reading fun for all age groups.

You can join the event live on facebook or zoom.




Forwarded from Navilan
Join us for the third part of the book reading of our upcoming picture book, Kayal, the Formidable. Gorgeously illustrated by Muhilan, Puthir's art director the book is a rip-roaring adventure with hilarious verses and colorful characters.

For parents and kids that missed the first two parts, you can find them recorded here:
Part 1: https://www.facebook.com/puthirali/posts/563592257608505
Part 2:

You will see the live stream on the Puthir page (or other Puthir Facebook properties) or you can join us on Zoom:
Forwarded from Navilan
We are inching closer and closer towards the launch of our first picture book, Kayal, the Formidable.

Join Bopa & Boma for the 4th part of the book reading session at 11 AM today (in less than 3 hours).