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We Have launched!

Token Address: 0x4414ac21b60c504dfea0a27679b90a278c2ca962

PRYZ Official Announcements pinned «We Have launched! Token Address: 0x4414ac21b60c504dfea0a27679b90a278c2ca962 Chart:»
PRYZ Official Announcements pinned «Good morning PRYZonians, Check out the Medium article below for our post launch update and FAQs. #EyezOnThePRYZ #BrucieBonus #NextGenLaunchpad»
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The PRYZ strategic sale is now LIVE

EVERYONE! Who takes part in the sale will automatically be eligible for the Brucie Bonus 🍀

Congratulations to everyone who received their WL entry 🥇

If you need any assistance, contact me or the team directly 🗣

Enter here:

Thats it the private sale is closed!! Next steps are to lock the tokens and set up the release schedule. Well done to those who got in and thank you for beliveing in the team. You will hear about the Brucie very very soon.
Great day today at Coinfest UK!
A fantastic opportunity for Pryz team members to meet like minded individuals and network with fellow Blockchain entrepreneurs 🎯