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We are pleased to announce Proximity Presell.

40 MN will be sold in total.

20 Masternodes
4400 PROX for 0.3 BTC

20 Masternodes
4200 PROX for 0.5 BTC

Staking pack
Get 100 PROX for 0.03 BTC

You can find a detailed roadmap for presale in our white paper.

To buy masternode write to our discord.
proximitycoin#0018 (ID: 536641273977634826)
Blockchain stopped now. Relaunch 01/29 03.00 PM GMT with PoW stage
ICO roadmap:

1st masternode 0.15 BTC
5 masternodes 0.2 BTC
5 masternodes 0.25 BTC
5 masternodes 0.3 BTC
5 masternodes 0.35 BTC

Total: 21 masternodes
Earn: 5.65 BTC

Funds will be spend for:
1. 1 BTC
2. 0.09 BTC
3. 0.35 BTC
4. KYD verification 0.1 BTC (5000 KYD current price)
5. 3 BTC
6. Coinbase (no fee)
7. Marketing company. One of most important and expensive parts.
8. Hiring workers. Developers, designers and moderators. About 2 BTC.
Rest part of PROX pre-mine will be spent for bounties, rewards and early marketing.

Presell address:


Proximity team ID
@Proximity Team (536641273977634826)
@IgorDallas (539798706032082949)
some info about mining pools
The POSQ from which we took the code has the end of the pow stage at block 600.
We changed the code and the last PoW block for 2000, but made a mistake in the code.
This is a minor error that does not affect performance, but pools reject blocks.
You can continue to mine the coin with your wallet using the console with the command
setgenerate true -1

The last pow block is 2000, now we are at block 1250 and there is no point in updating the code, mining 800 blocks takes less than 10 hours.
we apologize for the inconvenience and urge you to use mining on the wallet.
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