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Not that anyone in the media will care but this was not done by any chapter that is officially affiliated with Proud Boys. Copy cats doing faggy shit trying to use our name to feel important. This is stupid shit that we don't support. We don't advocate hunting Afghan refugees. We also dont advocate needing a permit for permission to hunt.
It has come to the attention of the Proud Boys Michigan Chapter that former members placed stickers in Ann Arbor with wording that included the hunting of Afghani refugees. On said same sticker there was wording about doing the same to the taliban. This was a retarded attempt to copy and distort an old USMC meme about the hunting of terrorists. We of PBMC recognize that our government should do it's due diligence in vetting newly arrived refugees. Child brides, sexual crimes (which include Bacha bazi), or other heinous activity should disqualify any refugee as these acts are not compatible within a civil society. However what these dumb fucks didn't seem to realize is that the majority of these refugees were fighting on our side and are fleeing the depredations of the taliban. You ever have that crazy ex girlfriend who just wouldn't go away? Yeah, these are those guys. It's also becoming painfully obvious that crazy ex girlfriends can't meme. They have no right to the Proud Boy name and their dipshit behavior is a result of that. Promoting hunting and killing people is morally reprehensible and quite frankly probably illegal. We take no part in, nor condone such behavior. We have members of this fraternity who are currently political prisoners who are having their constitutional rights violated with up-jumped charges, and being held without the right to a speedy trial. Apparently these former members could give two shits about their plight.

On a side note: I encourage everyone to ditch their newsweek subscriptions as this failing blog site is a shadow of what it once was. While we disavow the content of these stickers, what's equally sad is you dickheads wrote a story about stickers.

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These politicians don't care about AMERICAN CITIZENS. They are importing new ones that are easier to control. If you want America to stay America, you are labeled a terrorist in this country. If you want to cross the border illegally (during a pandemic), you are "HUMAN INFRASTRUCTURE"

Rep Jerry Nadler refers to illegal aliens as "Human Infrastructure" during last night's House Judiciary hearing on amnesty.

Rep Thomas Massie: "The people back home are going to be surprised to learn that illegals are now part of the infrastructure of this country."
RIP Norm
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