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Welcome to ProTrade. ProTrade was built to give you, the crypto trader, a place to trade without any interference. No Taxes, No Dev wallets, No airdrops. No BS. a place for you to trade among the industry. No project funds. Crypto trading at its purest.
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Welcome to the ProTrade telegram announcement channel. This announcement page will be used by ProTrade to disseminate information about ProTrade cryptocurrency assets.

Staying true to the mission statement on the website, ProTrade assets are designed for fair trade on the open public marketplace. There are no transaction taxes on buys, sells, or transfers. There are no tokens or LP being delivered to team or project wallets. Every single ProTrade token is purchased after launch on the open market at the trading price established by the exchange. All ProTrade contracts are renounced within 4 hours of launch. There are no presales or airdrops. 100% of the LP is locked. Launches are 100% stealth and open to the public.

Each ProTrade cryptocurrency asset has a featured section on the website where token details and links are provided. Assets are only listed on the website after stealth launch. There are no max wallet restrictions, but max token buys may be activated for certain assets for the first few minutes after launch (30 minutes at max). That feature is disabled shortly after launch and then the contract is renounced.

In some cases, the token’s deployer wallet will make the first token buy and send those tokens directly to the Ethereum dead wallet (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD). The link to the deployer wallet for each token is provided on the website so that the transactions can be confirmed.

ProTrade’s unique class of digital assets is designed to be traded by millions around the globe without exposure or manipulation by internal influences. All trading proceeds go to the traders executing their trades minus the gas fees that are charged by the associated network. There is no project team to pay or answer to. There are no paid influencers or marketers, and those who decide to cover these assets with updates or opinions do so of their own free will.

Welcome to a free market. This is how crypto was designed to be traded, and 99.99% of crypto has NEVER experienced this level of freedom. You are in control of your investment decisions. Your decisions are free of noise, distractions, and opinions that are not your own. Enjoy free market trading.


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Asset Name: ProTEthX
Blockchain: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Decentralized Exchange: Uniswap
Contract Address: 0xb9355c0ec4c68a7b417f3adbc02d84e941e5eecd
Symbol: ProTEthX
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 20M
Bought by Deployer and sent to DEAD: 8.5M
Circulating Supply: 11.5M
0% Transaction Taxes on buys, sells, and transfers
100% of Tokens launched on Uniswap
100% Stealth Launch
100% Decentralized
No Max Wallet size
100k Max Buy at Launch for 30 minutes
No Team, Dev, or Founder wallets
No Presales, Private Sales, or Airdrops
No Reflections or Burn
Contract renounced
Liquidity Locked for 100 Years
Use Auto Slippage or .5%
Website contains associated links
Updates posted on Twitter at and on Telegram at
Were you in crypto thru the last 12 months? If so, you got to experience the best of times and the worst of times along with many of us. What the Industry now understands is that volatility is real . ETH going over $4,800, BTC touching in the $69,000's. What a feeling.

Now if you experienced those times, most likely you also experiences ETH dropping down to the 800's just not that long ago. If you are newer to the Industry, I highly encourage looking at BTC chart and ETH chart since their inception. These trends are not uncommon and you got to experience it first hand.

If most of you were involved in other projects, yes projects that are tied to another Asset including ETH, you probably experienced even worse volatility.

With that cycle threw, its time to recover. BTC as hit the 22k again and ETH has touched over 2k again. but there was a change this time around that many may not have seen.... ETH has been outpacing BTC. With the hype surrounding the merge, we are seeing a shift in the market that can favor all ETH paired ERC assets long term. DONT GIVE UP.

When you see the Fear and Greed Index Dont let emotion take over, When the market is fearful, those are opportunities in disguise.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) can be a key benefit to introduce into any strategy. If you entered the space within the last year, your portfolio may not be as healthy looking as it was. but Imagine if your DCA and when the next bull run hits, Imagine what that DCA can do over time. NFA

One Thing about ProTrade, it eliminates the risk of project failure or abandonment. Why? Because there is not project, there is no TAX. This asset was created to only compete with each other and ETH. No devs No outside funds. dont forget that if you havent, visit to understand more of how this is your asset for you, for this industry.