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Honesty, integrity, credibility, reputation and similar words must carry much more weight when applied to an Entrepreneur, especially a startup Entrepreneur. To every entrepreneur, these words don't only mean more but actually make a world of difference between success and failure of your business. Our experience with these words comes in two fold. First, as it applies to our own business and secondly, as we have seen with the many small business clients that our company works with.
Our company was still an infant when the financial crisis in Ghana began or became pronounced. The consequent clean up by the regulators saw the collapse of 7 banks, 23 savings and loans companies together with 53 fund management companies. There was also a clamp down on several unorthodox investment companies. At this time, the words credibility and reputation took on heavier meanings for our young and small finance related business.
As expected, the words honesty and integrity suddenly became golden words as we engage prospective equity partners and also the countless small business owners applying for our equity capital partnerships.
As we have observed over the past five years, an Entrepreneur that passes the test of honesty, integrity, and credibility has already built a reputation to raise more than half the capital required for the business. And this reputation will not lack in sales, revenue and profits.
Check out what's in it for our Equity Capital Partners

As an equity capital partner, you get all the benefits of saving, investment and business ownership

You are saving money against inflation
You earn big returns on your investment capital
You own a part of the business with other partners
You don't have to be involved in the hustle and bustle of managing a business
You are on your way to financial freedom and a secure retirement

All because we work hard to minimise all risks at ProPartners

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